Make the right ‘move’ and skip this digital ballet

It takes a lot of chutzpah to present a monotonous, repetitive piece of work to a receptive audience. Such an offering was shown on the screen at the “Ballet in Cinema” production at the Cranford Theater on Sunday afternoon. “Move to Move” was filmed at theNederlandsDansTheater,The Hague, on May 31, and featured four contemporary ballets. […]

‘The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler’ in Maplewood

By Ruth Ross,  Correspondent Members of The Theater Project may have moved from Cranford to Maplewood, but they haven’t lost their penchant for choosing — and skillfully producing — off-beat plays. Their productions really make the audience think; in fact, their motto is “Think Theater.” As the inaugural production of the 2012-2013 season, The Theater […]

‘Oliver Twist’ at STNJ is not to be missed

By Ruth Ross, Correspondent Because Charles Dickens was paid by the word — and wrote in installments — his novels tend to be dense with character, plot development, description and pointed comments about the inequities of society. When the installments appeared in the newspapers, the people usually gathered around to listen to them being read […]

Nothing simple about love story in ‘Past Reflections’

On the Shelf

There are no simple love stories in novels. There must be some sadness, some tragedy, some unforeseen incident or incidents to enliven the interest of the reader. Certainly, Sandra Bonaldi of Nutley understands what a reader really wants from a romantic novel. As a result, she has provided the ingredients necessary to enhance her characters […]

‘La Source’ premieres to applause at Cranford’s Digiplex movie theater

By Bea Smith,  Staff Writer It is absolutely amazing — and rare — when exciting and competent male dancers in a ballet production compete with the lovely and graceful ballerinas. Apparently, that is what was happening Sunday afternoon when the film of a live ballet, “La Source,” at the Paris Opera Theater unfolded at theCranfordmovie […]

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