Batista considers contesting Hillside mayoral runoff results

HILLSIDE, NJ — Jorge Batista narrowly lost by 18 votes to Dahlia Vertreese in the Dec. 5 mayoral runoff election, and is now considering subpoenaing voters to court for an election contest. “Nothing is off the table to protect the integrity of the election,” Batista told LocalSource on Dec. 8. He alleged that a former public official […]

Vertreese claims narrow victory in runoff for Hillside mayor

By Frank Capece,  Political Correspondent HILLSIDE, NJ — Dahlia Vertreese won a narrow victory over Jorge Batista for Hillside mayor on Dec. 5, prevailing by 28 votes in unofficial results of more than 3,400 cast in a two-person runoff. Vertreese, who has an extensive background in labor organizing and was a former teacher in Newark, received […]

Superior Court clears Hillside mayor of traffic violations

HILLSIDE, NJ — A Superior Court judge cleared Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson of three traffic summonses issued to her by the former president of the township’s police union. The ruling overturned the decision of a Union Municipal Court judge, who originally found Garretson guilty of three violations. Garretson was elected Nov. 7 to the Union County […]

Internal docs show disciplinary past of Hillside police chief

HILLSIDE, NJ — Internal documents provided to LocalSource show a nearly 16-year-old incident that led to a 60-day suspension for the Hillside Police Chief Vincent Ricciardi in 2002, a disclosure that comes as two others are suing the town in connection with the position. The documents included the disciplinary action imposed on Ricciardi in connection to […]

Second officer contests Hillside mayor’s selection for police chief

HILLSIDE, NJ — The fight to determine who will be Hillside’s police chief has intensified with new allegations of retaliation emerging from within the force in the form of a whistleblower lawsuit. Capt. Nicola Lomonte filed the lawsuit July 27 in Superior Court, documenting his contentious working relationship with Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson, a current Democratic […]

Garretson appoints Irvington mayor to Hillside public works department

HILLSIDE, NJ — Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss has been appointed to a supervisory position in the Hillside Public Works Department and Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren has resigned from his position as Hillside’s Urban Enterprize Zone coordinator. The move is the latest in a series of developments within Hillside and particularly in the DPW, which settled a […]

Hillside mayor hit with harassment complaint

HILLSIDE, NJ — Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson has been hit with a harassment complaint by township attorney Farrah Irving, who filed a report with the Hillside Police Department on July 24, soon after the Hillside council’s caucus meeting ended. Garretson allegedly walked into the meeting late and started handing out copies of Hillside’s 2017 employee handbook […]

Police lieutenant saves students from pit bull attack

Police lieutenant saves students from pit bull attack

HILLSIDE, NJ — One of Hillside’s finest is being lauded as a hero. Hillside Police Lt. Matt Cove was recognized at the July 20 Hillside Board of Education meeting by Superintendent of Schools Antoine Gayles and BOE members for coming to the rescue of several middle school students during a pit bull attack that occurred May […]

Civil Service names Hillside police chief, but confusion reigns

HILLSIDE, NJ — Although Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson continues her quest to topple Hillside’s Acting Chief of Police Louis Panarese, Panarese’s attorney, Christopher Gray, has made it clear that the legal battle is far from over. On June 13, Farrah Irving, township attorney for Hillside, filed a motion, a copy of which was obtained by LocalSource, […]

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