Roselle Park reorganization comes with surprises

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — The Jan. 5 reorganization meeting of Roselle Park’s council brought with it not only some eloquent remarks from the borough’s mayor, Carl Hokanson, but some unexpected drama and, according to the mayor and some council members, actions on the part of some members of the council that they believe smacks of dirty […]


 WHAT IS GOVERNOR CHRISTIE TRYING TO HIDE? For over 100 years, governments and businesses in the U.S. have been required to inform the public about vital matters like government contract bids, variance applications, sub-division variance applications, foreclosures, sales of government property, government contract bids, and municipal tax sales. But this week, Gov. Chris Christie and […]

The more the merrier: Roselle Park’s tree lighting

The more the merrier: Roselle Park’s tree lighting

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — Roselle Park held their annual Christmas tree lighting on Friday night, Dec. 2, but this time the borough did it in spades. This year, the borough lit not one, but two Christmas trees. The trees, located next to the gazebo at the corner of Chestnut and Grant streets in Michael J. Mauri […]

Roselle Park Loves Arts showcases creativity

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — On Saturday, Sept. 24, Roselle Park Loves Arts displayed the work of local artists on Chestnut Street for a daylong celebration of all types of artistic expression. Roselle Park Loves Shorts Short Film Festival featured films submitted from all around the world. Selected films were screened at Casano Community Center and Veterans […]

Roselle Park named in lawsuit over memorial

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — After threatening Roselle Park Mayor Carl Hokanson with a lawsuit over the installation of a veteran’s memorial placed in front of Roselle Park’s public library, the American Humanist Association has followed through with their promise. The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, Roselle Councilwoman Charlene Storey, and her husband, Gregory Storey, […]

Roselle Park development project shows promise

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — Mayor of Roselle Park Carl Hokanson announced the construction of new buildings for 213 new luxury apartments and 5,200 feet of retail space at 230-248 W. Westfield Avenue at the intersection of Columbus Place. The construction is anticipated to begin in early September, and the mayor assures residents that traffic won’t be […]

Controversial memorial approved in Roselle Park

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — After weeks of controversy and emotions running high, the Roselle Park Council has voted to retroactively accept Roselle Park Mayor Carl Hokanson’s donation of a veteran’s memorial, as well as retroactively authorizing the memorial’s placement in front of the borough’s public library. But the story is far from over. It was standing […]

Roselle Park residents report parking and noise problems at Heart of Worship Church

Roselle Park residents report parking and noise problems at Heart of Worship Church

A camaraderie between Roselle Park Mayor Carl Hokanson and and property owner George D’Agostino has been reported to LocalSource by residents as well as a local business owner. The mayor requests that any residents with complaints regarding Heart of Worship Church come to discuss it with him in person. He also stated that the lack […]

Roselle Park author publishes book of short stories

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — Richard Marranca of Roselle Park recently published a book of short stories called “The New Romantics: Ten Stories of Mystery, Passion, Travel, and Vampires.” He is the author of a novel titled “Dragon Sutra,” which tells the story of a teacher exploring southeast Asia who gets involved in dangerous situations while befriending […]

Railroad safety awareness a priority in Roselle Park

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — The Roselle Park Police Department in conjunction with the Norfolk Southern Railroad Police and 7-11 Stores have created a partnership to make railroad safety awareness a top priority in Roselle Park. 7-11 has agreed to allow a train safety information kiosk to be installed at the their store.  “This is the first of its […]