Finding ‘NEMO’ in Rahway

Last week’s snowstorm, dubbed ‘Winter Storm Nemo,’ created a frenzy of outdoor activity in Rahway where many local residents visited Milton Lake Park for plenty of sledding.

Another blow to township in Birchwood battleground

CRANFORD — Efforts to fight the Birchwood development took another step backward last week when the court gave its nod to the developer’s requests. At a special hearing Feb. 5 Judge Lisa Chrystal approved the recommendations of special hearing officer Douglas Wolfson to approve Cranford Development Associates’ site plan, shooting down the township’s efforts yet […]

Grab and Go breakfast off to a good start

UNION — Students at Burnet Middle School had their first opportunity last week to choose a “grab and go” nutritious breakfast and it proved to be quite a success. Superintendent of Schools Patrick Martin is always looking for a better way to do things. Be it increased opportunity for students to learn, improved testing or […]

Hillside quickly decides on its next police chief

HILLSIDE — Just days after the township’s top cop retired rather than continue to fight the mayor, a new police chief is about to take the helm. Tuesday night, after press deadline, Capt. Louis Panarese, 54, was expected to be appointed provisional police chief until civil service approves the promotion. The veteran police officer, born […]

Council attempts to remove voter-elected president

LINDEN — For the last 39 years or more Linden voters have gone to the polls to elect a council president, but now it appears the city may have been making a mistake by even putting the position on the ballot. Whether that is legal or not is now entirely up to a Superior Court […]

Watchdog has her day in court with prosecutor

In question is whether the New Jersey Shield Law, one of the strongest in the nation, actually applies to bloggers. But it is not the first time this issue has come up in the state.

UNION COUNTY — It could be a little while before anyone learns whether blogger Tina Renna is protected by the New Jersey Shield Law for newspersons or will have to reveal to a grand jury what she knows about the employees who took home county-owned generators. On Friday there were more questions than answers after Superior […]

Scanlon hired by county one month after retiring

UNION — Former Freeholder Deborah Scanlon was only out of office for a month before the county created a position for her in the Human Services department. According to information obtained using the Open Public Records Act, the position was crafted for Scanlon, a resident of Union, who will be paid $74,900 for the administrative position […]

Mayor ‘gets his man’ as new chief quickly takes steps to retire

LINDEN — Although Sal Bivona formally received the police chief title last week, he will not have it for long. The promotion came just three months before he retires, ending a 34-year career with the police department. But come April 1, a new police chief, James Schulhafer, 59, will take over the top cop position. […]

Kean restaurant handed a $50K tax bill

UNION — Kean University may have paved the road for Ursino Restaurant to open without anyone having to jump through the usual legal hoops, but not paying taxes? The township was not about to let that happen. Late last fall the township decided the campus gourmet restaurant that opened in 2011 in the Center for […]

Roselle mayor defends salary increase for town council

ROSELLE — The mayor and council unanimously approved a hefty salary increase for themselves last week, but it came after more than a decade of keeping the status quo. Mayor Jamel Holley last week defended the 66 percent increase in salary council approved for themselves, saying it has been ten years since anyone saw a […]