Slippin’ and slidin’

CLARK – The Clark Recreation Department’s summer camp program is winding down, but plenty of fun has been raging through the program, like tug of wars that involve hoses, opposite page, and slip n’ slides. The program ran most of the summer long and saw more than 1,000 registered campers enjoy outdoor activities like water […]

Councilman hoping residents will be even better neighbors

LINDEN — When 4th Ward Councilman Derek Armstead noticed there were foreclosed properties in his neighborhood that were overgrown with grass and weeds, he decided not to call Town Hall, but to pitch in and do something about the problem. “Look, this is where we live. How do you not want it to look nice?” […]

Union hopes for big downtown turnaround

UNION — In 2004 when the township designated its center as an area in need of redevelopment, officials had great hope for a turnaround that would revitalize this once vibrant shopping district. Since then businesses have come and gone, and the center, like many downtowns, has continued to struggle. The recent retirement of Special Improvement […]

Cranford plans stiffer penalties for health code violations

CRANFORD — Last week Township Health Officer Megan Avallone strongly suggested it was time to ensure all township restaurants maintain the safest standards by putting in place an ordinance that would fine those failing to comply in a timely manner. Those who have had food poisoning, norovirus or salmonella would agree it is not something […]

Water fees to increase by $40

RAHWAY — Although many people think water is free, it’s not. For Rahway residents, the cost of upgrades to the local water-treatment plant is going to run $16 million, although the average homeowner will see an increase of only $40 per year. It’s never easy for a governing body to hear its water-treatment facility is […]

Complaint against district officials rejected

ELIZABETH — An admistrative law judge rejected a claim that two Elizabeth school officials used school records to obtain phone numbers for political robo-calls in 2011. In a 35-page opinion issued late last week, the Office of Administrative Law Judge Leslie Z. Celentano dismissed charges brought against an Elizabeth Board of Education Assistant Superintendent of […]

Alliance taking steps to get back to its roots

UNION COUNTY – Two years ago the non-profit Union County Alliance was receiving $322,125 a year from the county and doing little more than producing a 20-page newspaper twice a year that was heavily slanted towards the Democratic party and freeholder accomplishments. Has anything changed since then? Although the UCA seemed to flounder in 2012, with […]

Roselle Park residents still question lack of zoning enforcement

ROSELLE PARK — Residents living in the West Clay Avenue area are fed up with town officials having allowed a fitness business to continue to operate since November despite receiving multiple summonses for being in violation of zoning laws since November. When LocalSource last reported on this situation in early April, residents were waiting for […]

Landing zone

ROSELLE PARK— At the Roselle Park Summer Camp, young residents were treated with a visit from State Troopers who arrived in style by landing a helicopter on the field in town. Campers were able to learn about State Troopers and tour the helicopter.

County considers leasing golf courses

UNION COUNTY – Last week the Union County Improvement Authority explained why they are actively studying the purchase of the county’s two golf courses and how it will benefit taxpayers in the long run. Although the county currently owns both Galloping Hill in Union and Ash Brook in Scotch Plains, officials are certain there is a […]