Students at Valley Road Elementary complete 100 kind acts

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CLARK, NJ — In Kimberly Nacht’s kindergarten class at Valley Road Elementary School, students were challenged to complete 100 kind acts, as a whole, before the 100th day of school. They were each given six hearts and told that if everyone does six and then “a little extra,” they’d be able to reach the goal.

Nacht said, “Our class amazed me so much because we did 223 acts of kindness by Feb. 13. We wrote each act down and displayed it on a bulletin board for everyone to see as they completed them. They loved reporting after lunch the kind acts they did at lunchtime and were so proud to see what their new count was. Once they realized they had gotten over 100 well before the 100th day, they decided they would try and reach 200. They were so proud of themselves to be able to do that many kind acts and really worked together as a class.”

Nacht asked her students how it made them feel to know they achieved their goal.

“It feels amazing when we do kind acts. It makes you feel proud of yourself,” Emma Presume said.

“The more we do kind things in our world, the more we have a loving community,” Liliana DiFrancesco said.

Nacht said, “We also discussed how, even though I won’t be writing them down anymore, these kind acts don’t have to stop here. Kindness can be shared everyday always. There’s never a limit!”

Photos Courtesy of Christine Casale Broski