Kenilworth Historical Society hosts tea ceremony

Kenilworth Historical Society hosts tea ceremony

KENILWORTH, NJ — In honor of Black History Month, Kenilworth Historical Society invited certified tea educator Darlene Meyers-Perry to perform an African tea ceremony known as ataya. An ataya is an informal ceremony consisting of three rounds of tea, the first one bitter, the second one minty and the third is sweet. “Every year we have […]

Judge rules girls can play on boys basketball teams

KENILWORTH, NJ — On Friday, Feb. 17, Judge Donald A. Kessler ruled that Sydney Phillips must be allowed to play basketball on the boys team at St. Theresa’s School in Kenilworth. The recent reports of two girls playing on the boys team at St. John the Apostle’s School in Clark was a significant factor in the […]

Family fights for daughters to stay at St. Theresa’s

KENILWORTH, NJ — Sydney Phillips, of Kenilworth, and her sister were expelled from St. Theresa’s School in Kenilworth after their family took legal action against the school for forbidding Sydney to play on the boys’ basketball team. The girls’ team was cut due to lack of interest. “Our attorney received an email on Feb. 1 requesting […]

Kenilworth BOE selects new member after resignation

KENILWORTH, NJ — The Kenilworth Board of Education selected a new board member to fill the vacancy after the resignation of Walter Sosnosky. A meeting was held Dec.12 in the Board Conference Room at David Brearley School and Genean Braun was chosen as the new board member. The eight other board members conducted interviews at the […]


 WHAT IS GOVERNOR CHRISTIE TRYING TO HIDE? For over 100 years, governments and businesses in the U.S. have been required to inform the public about vital matters like government contract bids, variance applications, sub-division variance applications, foreclosures, sales of government property, government contract bids, and municipal tax sales. But this week, Gov. Chris Christie and […]

Michelangelo visits Kenilworth Public Library

Michelangelo visits Kenilworth Public Library

KENILWORTH, NJ — Many people aren’t exactly dog people, which might have limited their access to therapy animals — but that’s just fine because there are now other animals certified to make therapeutic visits to people in need. Michelangelo, a miniature therapy horse, is an example. He’s just about the same size as a very large […]

Marsili is Union County’s teacher of the year

KENILWORTH, NJ — Teachers are often underappreciated, overworked and underpaid, but every once in awhile they get the praise they deserve. Janice Marsili aced her work as lead teacher of fine and performing arts at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, where she has taught for the past 19 years. She was named Union County’s Teacher […]

Merck demolishes two empty warehouses in Kenilworth

KENILWORTH, NJ — A few years ago, Merck, located in Kenilworth, announced it would no longer utilize the manufacturing unit at the Kenilworth campus that had once belonged to Schering-Plough. Manufacturing at the site was halted after the two companies merged. The only remnants of the former production facility left standing were two warehouses, which have […]