Joy Enaohwo
junior, girls indoor track

“Joy has exhibited great leadership qualities to go along with her excellent performances on the track. Joy has set personal records in the 55 meters, 200 meters, as well as the 400 meters. She has a great attitude, she believes in herself, and she trusts me as her coach to get her prepared to win. Joy has run 7.24 seconds in the 55, which has her third in the state. I expect to see bigger and greater things from Joy as the season progresses.”
— Union girls indoor track coach Tony Stewart

You were our Athlete of the Month in April for outdoor track. What did you take from last season that you’ve been able to apply this winter?
I have been really focused on my drive phase and making sure that I get out as explosive as possible.

You said your favorite event last year was the 100 meters. Do you prefer the shorter sprints compared to the longer distances?
I prefer the longer distances over the shorter distances. It gives me more time to build up my speed. With a 55 everything goes so quick, and if you have a bad start that’s the end of it. In the 100 I have more time to reach my top-end speed.

Do you have a time goal for the 55 meters, or any other events, this season?
For the season I want to run a 7.04 or less and break the school record. I also want to hit a 59 in the 400 and a 24 in the 200.

Now, as a junior, have you discovered any new subjects/interests in school this year?
My favorite subject is still pretty much English.

Last year you said you applied to be a Peer Ambassador? How did that go?
It went really well. I became a Peer Ambassador. I helped with the freshman orientation and the trick-or-trunk for the elementary students.

With another year behind you, do you find teammates coming to you for help?
Yes, sometimes my teammates will come and ask for help with their starts and different things about their race. I always love to make sure that they’re doing well and are not stressing over anything.

Has your prerace preparation changed from last year?
My pre-race preparation has not changed from last year. I still need my music. I always make sure to use the hot balm on my muscles to help relax them before a race.