Ahmirr Robinson, senior, football

“Ahmirr is a senior wide receiver who is a three-year starter on the varsity football team. After a standout junior season, Ahmirr received more than 10 Division One scholarship offers. He is presently committed to play at Rutgers University. Ahmirr started his senior season with a nine-reception, 178-yard, one-touchdown performance in our 20-12 win over Curtis, N.Y.” — Union football coach Lou Grasso Jr.

Coach Grasso speaks very highly of your ability and experience as a third-year starter. How much more responsibility do you feel you have this season to be a leader of the team?
I feel that my responsibility is simply lead by example and know my role on the team, and also encourage the up-and-coming classes to strive for perfection.

What do you feel you need to be doing differently, or better?
I think that I need to work on the little things more on the field because those things are usually what decides who wins and loses.

How confident are you that the Farmers can repeat the success of last season or take it a step further to the championship game?
I am very confident that my team and I can take it to the next level of winning a championship because we work so hard for this on and off the field. My coaches deserve it as well.

What other schools were you interested in, and what were the key factors in selecting Rutgers?
I was interested in many schools but Rutgers was the best fit for me so far by a long shot. They set you up for success — it’s just my job to take advantage honestly.

What are you looking to study in college?
I’m currently undecided to what I want to study, but I’m starting to find things other than football that I am interested in the working world.

How much are you looking forward to your final year in high school?
Honestly, I feel that my high school career has gone by too fast but I am definitely ready to make that next step on the field and off the field to better myself.

Anything in particular you like more than your freshman, sophomore and junior years?
The biggest thing that I like now that I am a senior is the attitude of knowing that my team and I work hard, and that I’m setting a good example for younger kids to look at and hopefully carry what they learn into their lives and others.