Summit Interfaith Council creates relief fund to help local immigrants

The Summit Interfaith Council gathers just a few weeks before the pandemic.

SUMMIT, NJ — COVID-19 has meant that many local immigrants have lost their jobs. For immigrants who are undocumented, this means virtually no safety net, as, without documentation, they cannot apply for federal relief funds or unemployment. Even though immigrants in the Summit community pay taxes and pay into federal reserves, they are unable to draw from these funds or receive relief.

After receiving concerned messages from the community, the Summit Interfaith Council decided to set up a COVID-19 relief fund specifically designated for undocumented immigrants and families. The fund will be allocated similarly to the federal relief stimulus, with monies given according to the individuals and children in a household. The Summit Interfaith Council encourages any undocumented immigrant living in Summit to apply. Identities will be protected. Applications can be made by contacting Janet Maulbeck at

Discussing the fund, Summit Interfaith Council President Rabbi Hannah Orden of Congregation Beth Hatikvah said, “The Summit Interfaith Council was created well over 60 years ago to ‘seek the welfare of the city.’ Our immigrant neighbors are an integral part of our community, and it is our responsibility to protect and care for the most vulnerable residents of our city.”

For further information, including donation information, contact Pastor Gladys Moore at