Bartolotti sworn in as Summit police chief

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SUMMIT, NJ — Andrew Bartolotti was sworn in as the new chief of the Summit Police Department on June 1, and Richard Proctor was sworn in as a new captain. Bartolotti, who previously held the rank of captain, has taken over the position from former Chief Robert Weck, who has retired. Proctor previously held the rank of lieutenant.

“This morning I stood with my family and before Mayor Radest, and pledged to serve the citizens of Summit with integrity, honor and compassion as your chief of police. Throughout my 20 years as a law enforcement officer in the Summit Police Department, I have been perpetually reminded of how fortunate I am to serve in this outstanding community. In good and challenging times, there is no greater place to serve than the city of Summit,” Bartolotti said. “Taking an oath to serve in a community as a police officer requires that our character safeguard and honor the trust and confidence you place in our hands. Unspeakable tragedies can unfold when the public trust is breached by the misconduct of individuals undeserving of the badge they wear. I pledge to you, as your new chief, that I will work every day to earn your trust and be worthy of the office I now hold.

“The men and women of the Summit Police Department understand that the respect and trust you show us is not merely given because of the badge we wear but is earned by how we conduct ourselves while wearing it. As a department, we are committed to protecting each citizen equally with the respect and dignity that all human beings deserve. I vow that all of my officers will be held to this standard and continuously trained to ensure the highest level of professionalism in conducting our duty,” he continued. “I value the strong relationships I am building with community leaders and remain committed to continuing these conversations to ensure everyone feels safe, secure and heard. I will maintain an open, accountable and accessible police department for the benefit of all.”

Mayor Nora Radest said she is confident that both Bartolotti and Proctor will be exemplary in their new roles and reaffirmed the department’s commitment to fair policing.

“As your mayor and a leader of the Summit Police Department, I want to affirm the deep responsibility we accept to ensure that our system extends equal protection to every Summit citizen regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, and I reiterate our undeviating commitment to preserving human dignity and combating racism and bias. Our police officers have a sworn duty to uphold the law and protect lives, and a responsibility for continued learning, growth and improvement as people and as law enforcement officials,” Radest said. “I am proud of the strength of the connection between our police department and our community. I know that Chief Bartolotti is committed to continuing that excellent relationship. Your elected officials are available, now and always, to hear and address your thoughts about our police force and its role in our community.”