Roselle Park SID ready to ‘Shop in the District’ with new program set to launch

ROSELLE PARK — A new program designed to reward local residents and help businesses within the Roselle Park Special Improvement District is on the launching pad.

The RPSID “Shop In the District” Frequent Purchase Card rewards customers who make 10 separate purchases in participating businesses with a $5 credit towards any future purchase in those businesses. SID cards will be hole-punched by participating businesses after each minimum purchase of $5. Once 10 purchases are accumulated, the customer contacts the RPSID for a $5 RPSID gift certificate and another SID card for additional purchases.

SID cards will be distributed to all residences within the RPSID and to Roselle Park residents outside the RPSID upon request. The program will begin once a core of 10 RPSID businesses are enrolled.

The Roselle Park Special Improvement District represents nearly 150 commercial property owners and businesses along Chestnut Street and East and West Westfield Avenue in Roselle Park. Among the RPSID’s current programs for its businesses are a 2015 town planner calendar to be distributed to all Roselle Park residences in December and a “Spruce Up Grant” program for RPSID members. More information about the RPSID’s programs can be found at


One Response to "Roselle Park SID ready to ‘Shop in the District’ with new program set to launch"

  1. Brian Keane   November 10, 2014 at 10:29 am

    SID worked in Linden NJ but that was because more people where involved with it. Wood Avenue was stagnant for over a decade and SID improved that area by 100%. Roselle Park the SID Program will not be as involved because of the businesses and people who support the program.