Hillside teacher awarded grant for gardening program

HILLSIDE, NJ — Sharon Greenblatt, a kindergarten teacher at A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center in Hillside, has been awarded a classroom grant by the Association of American Educators Foundation to purchase supplies for her gardening program.

“While many areas of the world and members within our own community struggle to put food on their tables each night, my school collectively decided to establish a school garden to aid the community while instilling within our children the attribute of selfless giving,” said Greenblatt. “Although the garden may be located outdoors amidst the sunshine, the lessons and ideals that the garden has grown to embody have made their way into the classroom as well.

The garden has become a pivotal tool to teach young children math, science, and literary concepts. By participating in this selfless act to help humanity, AAE is helping this program to survive, thrive, and teach the next generation — our future, our leaders — the power of giving back to one’s community to help others.”

The AAEF is committed to offering individual educators the means to optimize student learning with out-of-the-box initiatives. “I applaud the dedication that Sharon has demonstrated in developing such a multi-dimensional program for both her students and the community at large,” said AAEF Executive Director Gary Beckner. “Without questions, teachers like Sharon make AAE scholarships and grants a worthy investment in empowering educators to meet their professional potential!”

The Association of American Educators Foundation is the nonprofit charitable arm of the Association of American Educators, a non-union professional organization for teachers across the country.

The AAE Foundation’s National Scholarships and Grants competition is held twice a year in the fall and spring and is open to all educators. The deadlines are March 1 and October 1 of every year. For more information about AAEF or the Association of American Educators, visit www.aaeteachers.org.

One Response to "Hillside teacher awarded grant for gardening program"

  1. Irene Goldie-Petrad   May 7, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Township of Union teachers have been using City Green to help them create gardens for our schools! These were funded by the Township of Union Education Foundation & PTA’s.
    Congratulations Sharon Greenblatt!