Union County wrestlers advance to Region 4 at Union

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Cranford High School was put into District 16 at Watchung Hills Regional High School this year and, as in the recent past, the Cougars found a way to wrestle all the way to the top.

In the same way as at last month’s Union County Tournament at Union High School, Cranford edged Governor Livingston High School for the crown. Sparked by champions Michael Daly at 106 pounds, Eoghan O’Hara at 144 pounds, state-finalist Jordan Chapman at 165 pounds and Joey Acinapura at 190 pounds, Cranford finished with 199.5 points for the team title.

Governor Livingston finished second with 196 points. Host Watchung Hills was third at 183 points.

Winning titles for the Governor Livingston Highlanders were Joseph Dasti at 150 pounds and Nathan Faxon at 215 pounds.

In District 15 at South Plainfield High School, Rahway High School placed second with 148 points, with Saint Joseph High School, Metuchen winning with 307.5 points.

Host Hunterdon Central Regional High School won District 14 with 238 points, while Paramus Catholic High School captured District 13 at Millburn High School with 259 points.

The top four wrestlers in each weight class in districts 13, 14, 15 and 16 advanced to this weekend’s Region 4 competition that is scheduled to begin Friday, Feb. 23, at Union High School’s Louis J. Rettino Gymnasium and conclude with the championship matches there on Saturday, Feb. 24.

Wrestlers that qualify out of this weekend’s eight regions around New Jersey will advance to the season-ending New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association Tournament, set for Thursday, Feb. 29; Friday, March 1; and Saturday, March 2, at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Union County wrestlers that advanced to Region 4 did so by competing in District 13 at Millburn, District 15 at South Plainfield and District 16 at Watchung Hills.

Chapman was the Outstanding Wrestler at District 16 at Watchung Hills by winning the 165-pound championship for the first time. Chapman, a junior, has not lost at a district match and now has three district titles.

Cranford captured the District 13 championship at Cranford last year with Chapman earning the Outstanding Wrestler award for repeating as the 157-pound champion. He pinned all three opponents.
In Region 4 at Union, Chapman was second at 157 pounds his freshman year and won at 157 pounds last year as a sophomore. Chapman is seeking his second Region 4 crown this weekend.

During the season of 2016-2017, the districts and regions were realigned for the first time in many years. Cranford finished third in District 11 at Westfield High School in 2013 and then won the championship there in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Here’s a look at Union County wrestlers who advanced out of districts 13, 15 and 16 and into Region 4 competition this weekend:
District 13 at Millburn: top teams: 1-Paramus Catholic, 259 points. 2-Ridge High School, 189 points. 3-Arthur L. Johnson High School, 101.6 points. 4-David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton high schools, 83. 5 points. Union High School, 71 points.

• 106 pounds: 2-Matty Ortega, Arthur L. Johnson. 3-Daniel Berardi, Westfield. 4-Justin Ellazar, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School.

• 113 pounds: 1-Zachary Belverio, Arthur L. Johnson. 4-Carter Stein, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton.

• 120 pounds: 1-Gavin Turnbull, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton. 2-Max Rotter, Westfield. 3-Keegan Parkhill, Arthur L. Johnson. 4-Macain Romain, Union.

• 126 pounds: 2-Luke Sluberski, Westfield. 3-Gabriel Hargrove, Union. 4-Tristan Sirmans, Scotch Plains-Fanwood.

• 132 pounds: 3-Yehia Abdelrahman, New Providence High School. 4-Julian McGarry, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton.

• 138 pounds: 2-Braeden Valley, New Providence. 4-Ariel Azeredo, Union.

• 144 pounds: 1-Joey Ortega, Arthur L. Johnson. 4-Aidan Cross, Union.

• 150 pounds: 2-Michael Cantwell, Scotch Plains-Fanwood. 4-Gavin Schnall, Summit-Chatham high schools.

• 157 pounds: 3-Ryder Vorndran, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton.

• 165: 2-Samuel Gouveia, Summit-Chatham. 3-Alan Walczak, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton.

• 175 pounds: 2-Daniel Collin, Union. 3-Tyler Sebastian, Summit-Chatham. 4-John Brown, Arthur L. Johnson.

• 190 pounds: 2-Jake Zemsky, Westfield.
• 215 pounds: 2-John Boyle, Scotch Plains-Fanwood. 3-Nicholas Bertolotti, Union.

• HWT: 2-Samuel Henry, Summit-Chatham. 4-Sean Asgaralli, Arthur L. Johnson.

District 15 at South Plainfield: top teams: 1-St. Joseph’s, Metuchen, 307.5 points. 2-Rahway, 148 points. 3-Colonia High School, 127 points. 4-South Plainfield, 110 points.

• 106 pounds: 2-Jaeczar Evans, Rahway. 4-Abraham Carire-Cruz, Linden High School.

• 120 pounds: 1-Matthew Samaniego, Rahway. 126: Chris Valerio, Rahway.

• 126 pounds: 4-Chris Valerio, Rahway.

• 132 pounds: 2-Adrian Harris, Rahway.

• 138 pounds: 3-Daniel Gonzalez, Rahway.

• 144 pounds: 2-Jordan Austin, Linden.

• 165 pounds: 4-Brandon Ross, Rahway.

• 175 pounds: 3-Alijah Burnett, Plainfield High School.

• 190 pounds: 2-Shahad Brown, Linden. 3-Andrew Avent, Rahway. 4-Chantz Fitz, Plainfield.

• 215 pounds: 2-Terrance Avent, Rahway.

• HWT: 2-Jonathan Martinez, Rahway. 4-Brandon Zamora, Linden.

District 16 at Watchung Hills: top teams: 1-Cranford, 199.5 points. 2-Governor Livingston, 196 points. 3-Watchung Hills, 183 points.

• 106 pounds: 1-Michael Daly, Cranford. 4-Lucas Villanueva, Governor Livingston.

• 113 pounds: 3-Joey Tona, Cranford. 4-Christian Sabatino, Governor Livingston.

• 120 pounds: 3-Cyr Ryan, Governor Livingston. 4-Julian Alston, Roselle Park.

• 126 pounds: 2-Henrique Ribeiro, Governor Livingston. 3-Ryder Connors, Governor Livingston.

• 132 pounds: 2-Luke Scholz, Cranford. 4-Thomas Dinorscio, Governor Livingston.

• 138 pounds: 2-Vincent Capone, Governor Livingston. 3-Alex Muller, Cranford.

• 144 pounds: 1-Eoghan O’Hara, Cranford. 3-Jace Wanca, Governor Livingston.

• 150 pounds: 1-Joe Dasti, Governor Livingston. 4-Owen Woodruff, Cranford.

• 157 pounds: 2-Jake Kreisberg, Governor Livingston. 3-Dylan Jones, Cranford. 4-Varsow Siryon, Frank J. Cicarell Academy, Elizabeth High School.

• 165 pounds: 1-Jordan Chapman, Cranford. 2-Cristian Gioia, Governor Livingston.

• 175 pounds: 3-Gabriel Salazar, Elizabeth.

• 190 pounds: 1-Joey Acinapura, Cranford. 2-Jaquy’ri Williams, Elizabeth. 3-James Daoulabani, Governor Livingston.

• 215 pounds: 1-Nathan Faxon, Governor Livingston. 2-Timothy Smith Jr., Elizabeth.

• HWT: 2-Louis Kruk, Cranford. 4-Justin Abad, Elizabeth.

District champions from Union County
District 13 at Millburn:

• 113 pounds: Zachary Belverio, Arthur L. Johnson.

• 120 pounds: Gavin Turnbull, David Brearley-Jonathan Dayton.

• 144 pounds: Joey Ortega, Arthur L. Johnson.

District 15 at South Plainfield:

• 120 pounds: Matthew Samaniego, Rahway.

District 16 at Watchung Hills:

• 106 pounds: Michael Daly, Cranford.

• 150 pounds: Joe Dasti, Governor Livingston.

• 165 pounds: Jordan Chapman, Cranford.

• 190 pounds: Joey Acinapura, Cranford.

• 215 pounds: Nathan Faxon, Governor Livingston.