Crusader Athletic Leadership Council helps student-athletes

Fosters healthy relationship among Johnson High School culture, Clark community

Here are the members of the 2012-2013 Crusader Athletic Leadership Council.

The Crusader Athletic Leadership Council is an organization that has been founded to help educate our student athletes on some of the expectations that we have for our student athletes as they compete interscholastically in a variety of athletics. We hope that by informing this council of some of our expectations, we will be able to foster an open and healthy relationship amongst our student athletes, the school culture, and the community of Clark.

Not only will this be of great help to all Arthur L. Johnson student athletes and coaches, but it will offer up a vast array of opportunities for the members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council, including the ability to place this activity on future college applications.
The organization will meet monthly and will discuss a variety of topics and issues. Future meeting will include guest speakers, coaches and administrators of the Clark School District, Freshman Orientation assistance, and a visit to the Children’s Hospital.
Listed below are the members of the 2012-2013 Crusader Athletic Leadership Council:
Lauren Adamusik, Patti Bailey, Vin Banek, Ryan Baron, Ali Beck, Dave Berry, Nick Boho, Bianca Briscese, Stephanie Buddrock, Catie Caliguire, Jackie Calo, Mike Cieslak, Austin Colish, Cristina DeCristofaro, Ali Dugan, Matt Dunn, Vincent Fischetti, Gabrielle Giltner, Alec Kellish, Carly Koppel, Daniel Levitz, Joe Lomeli, Vincent Marzano, Nikki Matatov, Annabella Melro, Brian Moran, Ed Olenick, Abby Panetta, Steven Paterno, Lance Pecina, Michele Pozyc, Chris Purcell, Gianna Rebosio, Erin Roach, Sam Rodrigues, Annabella Ross, Jay Shapiro, John Stauffer, Brian Stier, Megan Sweeney, Mike Vieira, Kevin Willey, Veronica Zatko, and Andrew Zub.