Union County – Week of November 15th

ANDERSON — Margaret Helen, formerly of Linden; Nov. 10. Was ballroom dancer.
BLANDA — Joseph M., of Mountainside, formerly of Springfield; Nov. 3. Was Springfield educator.
CATALINA — Edna A., of Linden; Nov. 9. Former past president of club.
CHARPENTIER — Alice Oberwanowicz, formerly of Union; Nov. 9. Was administrative clerk.
CICHOWSKI — Joseph E., formerly of Rahway; Nov. 6. Was Merck fire captain.
D’ALTRUI — Marianne V., formerly of Union; Nov. 6. Participated in church events.
DeCESARE — Salvatore J., of Linden; Nov. 6. Was avid painter.
DELANEY — Martha A., of Union; Nov. 11. Was switchboard operator.
DiMARCO — Evelyn M., formerly of Cranford; Nov. 5. Was key-punch computer operator.
DUNN — Thomas M. Jr., of Clark; Nov. 5. Was Newark police officer.
DUSMAN — Raymond E. Jr., of Union; Nov. 5. Was ice skating rink owner, instructor.
FRIEDEL — Dorothy, of Roselle; Nov. 5. Worked for hospital.
GILLMAN — Earl G., of Mountainside; Nov. 5. Was financial consultant.
GRADY — Anne H. Kaiser, of Linden; Nov. 10. Was retired library assistant.
HARVEY — William P. Sr., formerly of Roselle Park; Nov. 6. Was former fire chief in Roselle Park.
JURUSZ — Florence, of Roselle Park; Retired telephone operator.
KING — Evelyn W., formerly of Clark; Nov. 4. Was avid photographer.
KOPF — Gladys Wey, formerly of Cranford; Oct. 19. Was choir singer; artist.
LITZEBAUER — Dolores M., of Springfield; Oct. 31. Was volunteer den mother.
LOURENCO — Rose Veiga, of Roselle; Nov. 9. Retired owner of restaurant.
MARGITAN — Rosed, of Union; Nov. 7. Was communicant of church.
MENZA — Lucia A., of Hillside; Nov. 4. Was retired office administrator.
OCELLO — Patricia, of Union; Nov. 5. Was retired seamstress.
ONDEYKO — Mary, of Linden; Nov. 5. Was retired travel agent.
PAPROCKI — Charles Walter, of Cranford; Nov. 6. Was retired senior research technician.
PUGLISI — Joseph A., of Summit; Oct. 31. Married 62 years.
PUKAVICH — Frank, of Roselle; Nov. 5. Was active in church.
RICHERT — Emmy, of Rahway; Nov. 9. Was barmaid at Deutscher Club.
ROBAK — Anna Szczyglinski, formerly of Union; Nov. 9. Was poll worker.
SABBA — Joyce A., of Clark; Nov. 5. Was member of Senior Citizens.
SAMMONS — Dorine, of Kenilworth; Nov. 5. Was member of Senior Citizens club.
SCUTIERI — Bertha F., of Linden; Nov. 5. Was member of bowling teams.
SULLIVAN — Patricia Colleen, of Cranford; Oct. 31. Private gathering held.
SWANSON — David, of Cranford; Nov. 2. Was director of chemical research.
TURNAGE — Johnie “Pop Pop,” of Roselle; Nov. 2. Buried in veterans’ cemetery.
ULICNY — Phyllis B., of Summit; Channel 13 coordinator.
URBANSKI — Peter P., of Clark; Nov. 4. Was Nazi labor camps survivor.
WAHL — Dorothy J., of Roselle; Nov. 9. Was retired administration assistant.
WOODS — Gertrude Vitale, of Kenilworth; Nov. 6. Was active in many Kenilworth sites.
YAROLI — Margaret, formerly of Roselle Park; Nov. 4. Was retired baker.
ZIOBRO — Esther L., of Clark; Nov. 7. Was former Scout leader; high school band chaperone.