Obituaries – Week of Oct 11th

BATIC — Joseph A., of Springfield; Sept. 29. Owned extermination company; a beekeeper.
BELFIORE — Salvatore “Sal,” of Roselle Park; Oct. 1. Was retired maintenance man.
BERTELSON — Jay M., of Cranford; Oct. 6. Was laboratory supervisor; softball coach.
BONGIOVANNI — Petronilla “Penny” M., of Kenilworth; Sept. 30. Was member of St. Theresa’s Church.
BUTLER — Dollie Mae, formerly of Linden; Sept. 29. Was retired cosmetic engineering and cook.
CARAVELLO — Louis A., of Kenilworth; Oct. 4. Was retired business administrator.
CERQUEIRA — Mario D., formerly of Union; has died. Was operating engineer.
CZUJAK — Anna, of Cranford; Oct. 2. Participated in SAGE Elder Care.
DI LEO — Angelo, formerly of Hillside; has died. Was retired Hillside firefighter.
DOMINICK — Margaret, of Rahway; Oct. 3. Won senior citizen trophies.
EASTER — Marvin, of Hillside; Oct. 2. Funeral services in Newark.
EFODILI — Manny, of Linden; Oct. 2. Was owner-operator of Linden company.
ELDER — Karen Renee, of Union; Oct. 2. Was longtime Weight Watchers instructor.
FARLEY — Donna I., of Hillside; Oct. 1. Was a medical billing clerk.
FINNERTY — Mary C., of Mountainside; Sept. 30. Was retired computer analyst.
FISCHBEIN — Harriet, of Union, formerly of Springfield; Oct. 2. retired hospital medical secretary.
GALLO — Marie D., of Linden; Oct. 1. Was retired registered nurse.
HOFFMANN — Mary, formerly of Summit; Oct. 1. Was a visiting nurse.
IVONE — Catherine, of Kenilworth; Oct. 6. Was past president of Rosary Society.
JACKSON — Bertha H., of Roselle; Sept. 29. Was longtime school crossing guard.
JONES — Douglas Lee, of Linden; Sept. 30. Was union laborer.
KOS — Michael, of Clark; Oct. 3. Worked on assembly line of GM.
LUBNIEWSKI — Frederick P., of Clark; Was telephone systems analyst.
MAJOR — Betty Ann, of Union; Sept. 22. Was a Navy veteran.
MALTZ — Marvin, of Hillside; Oct. 3. Was retired owner-operator of Springfield company.
MARGARET L., of Summit; Sept. 25. Was a home health aide.
MARTIS — Edward S., of Linden; Was chef and tavern owner.
McLEOD — Bronique Mary, formerly of Union; Oct. 2. Died at age 24.
NAYMOLA — Adele, formerly of Union; Oct. 4. Was former waitress.
PAJONK — Horst K., of Roselle; Oct. 2. Was retired construction worker.
PALMER — Edwin J., of Rahway; Oct. 4. Was squad captain.
POSYTON — Ronald H. Sr., of Westfield; Oct. 2. Was on advisory committee of two congressmen.
ROMANO — Antonio, of Clark; Oct. 3. Retired from General Motors.
RYAN — Phyllis H., formerly of Cranford; Sept. 29. A leader in school organizations.
SWIDERSKI — Boguslawa F., of Union; Oct. 4. Was line technician.
UHLIG — Eugene M., of Clark; Oct. 2. Was in Navy during World War II.
UNTERWALD — John M. Jr., of Springfield; Sept. 18. Was World War II veteran.
VITOLO — Harry, of Springfield; Oct. 3. Worked for elevator company.
ZAKRZESKI — Stella A., of Linden; Oct. 3. Was member of several clubs.