Obituaries – Week of August 30th

BASCH — Robert S., of Clark; Aug. 20. Teacher, guidance counselor.
BRUSCA — Lenore B., of Springfield; Aug. 16. Owned Union electronics company.
BURNS — Frank Robert, formerly of Roselle Park; July 14. Champion football coach.
CARROLL — Patrick, of Linden; Aug. 23. Industrial supplies salesman.
COHEN — Selma R., of Clark, formerly of Union; Aug. 23. Longtime Newark teacher.
CRINCOLI — Anna, of Union; Aug. 25. Loved flowers and animals.
DI LAURI — Katherine, of Union; Aug. 25. In Union for eight years.
FARBER — Anne Horne, formerly of Linden. Librarian, founding member of temple.
FIRESTONE — Terry E., of Linden; Aug. 24. Sewerage authority supervisor.
GYURE — Jennie N., of Roselle Park; Aug. 24. Lifelong church communicant.
HAWES — Mattie Lou, of Union; Aug. 15. Survived by great-great-grandchildren.
HERRIGHTY — Mary Rose, formerly of Union; Aug. 21. Secretary at St. Michael’s School, Union.
HILL — Anthony Scott, of Linden; Aug. 21. Veteran of United States Army.
JAHN — Christopher M., of Union; Aug. 18. Was active outdoors.
KAMIN — Jack, formerly of Union; Aug. 18. Started business, entertained community.
KASTNER — Doris A., formerly of Union; Aug. 25. Involved in church ladies’ club.
LAND — Mabel, of Roselle; Aug. 18. Retired employee for bus company.
LOPEZ — Jack, of Roselle Park; Aug. 20. Former member of Rahway Police Auxiliary.
MALFETTI — George J., of Cranford; Aug. 25. NJ Highway Authority worker.
MALSAM — Nancy J., of Rahway; Member of ladies’ clubs.
MANGANELLI — Filomena, of Summit; Aug. 17. Volunteered for charities, hospitals, schools and universities.
MARTINO — Marie, of Union; Aug. 19. Retired insurance claims examiner.
OCKAY — Andrew C., of Roselle Park; Aug. 18. Recipient of Purple Heart during World War II.
PALUS — Dorothy L., of Roselle; Aug. 19. Longtime seamstress; member of church.
PISANO — Michael M., of Roselle Park; Aug. 25. Founding member of fraternity.
PLUNKETT — Glenn Noble, formerly of Hillside; Aug. 23. Survived by four siblings
POLASKI — Edward R., of Clark; Aug. 24. Materials manager, avid bowler.
ROBERTS — Alice M., of Summit; Aug. 19. Worked in finances; hospital volunteer.
SAFNER — Peter C., of Linden; Aug. 22. Retired from General Motors.
SCHNIRMAN — Henry, formerly of Clark; Aug. 23. Retired owner of gourmet store.
SEIGEL — Rosalyn “Roz,” formerly of Springfield; Aug. 17; Known as “The Toy Lady.”
SHEA — Margaret, of Union; Aug. 26. Hostess at Kenilworth Diner.
SIEGEL — Harris B., of Summit; Aug. 19. retired counselor director.
SIMMONS — Jeffrey Charles, of Roselle; Aug. 21. Retired from Roselle DPW.
SLOAN — Barry T., of Rahway; Aug. 21. Owned weapons-repair business.
SPARO — Frank N., of Linden; Aug. 25. Maintenance man at library.
SUSZYNSKI — Frank I., formerly of Roselle Park; Aug. 20. Special agent for IRS.
THOMPSON — Bettie B., of Union; Aug. 21. Survived by a daughter.
TRIANO — Joseph A., of Hillside; Aug. 23. Shuttle driver for longshoreman.
TRIMBOLI — Basil “John,” formerly of Roselle Park; Aug. 20. Owned Newark business.
VAVRO — Stanley, formerly of Linden; Aug. 22. Retired truck driver.
WALLACE — Mary Ann, nee Lynch, formerly of Roselle Park; Aug. 19. Educator, mentor, active in church.
WERNES — Marie, of Linden; Aug. 19. Sales clerk for many years.
ZOURZOUKIS — Stefanos, of Cranford; Aug. 24. Window sales representative.