Kevin Oliveira, bowling, senior

“Kevin is a senior member of the varsity bowling team, as well as the team
captain. He began bowling in his sophomore year and was self taught simply
by observing others and watching YouTube videos. In the three years I have had the pleasure of coaching him, Kevin has had some great accomplishments. He has won many awards at various tournaments, finishing fourth in the county tournament, helping his team take a state sectional title and, this year, finishing third out of 213 male bowlers in the sectional tournament with a 213, 254 and 227
(694 series), advancing him to the individual tournament of champions. His
high game this year included a 257 and a high series of 725. Kevin is an exceptional player that will truly be missed and very difficult to replace.”
Union bowling coach Danielle Scheuermann

How do you feel your role as captain has impacted the team?
Honestly, I don’t think it mattered that I had the title “captain”. Its a team sport and I believe that everyone is a captain, everyone has their input to try to help everyone out.

Do you have any plans for after high school? Are you looking at any colleges?
I do not have any intention to bowl in college. I’m going to be attending trade school for welding. Bowling will always be my go-to weekend activity though!

How did you first become interested in bowling?
I was introduced to bowling the summer after my freshman year by my friend Nick Melch. We started going together and I started to love the sport.

What have you learned over the past couple of seasons that you believe has been most helpful this year?
The main thing I have learned the past years would be how to adjust to lane conditions and consistency. Those are the two main struggles I have in the sport.

Do you play, even for fun, any other sports?
I used to play baseball but I started losing my passion for it. I used to never win any medals or awards when I played. When I bowled in my first-ever high school tournament, I won a trophy for third-best high game with a 247 and that’s when I knew I wanted to bowl.

What is your post-strike celebration?
I always turn to my left and walk off the approach where my teammates are waiting to give me a high-five.

What is your favorite memory from your time on the team?
My favorite team memory would be county semifinals when we beat Westfield in Baker-style bowling.