Soldiers engage with local students

JROTC members salute a commanding officer at Union High School.

UNION, NJ — Leaders from across the U.S. Army are focusing on reconnecting with communities to generate community support for the Army by focusing on young adults eligible to serve. On April 12-13, Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Feltey visited students in his hometown areas in New Jersey. During his two-day visit he engaged with students at Harrison, Kearny, Union and Barringer high schools.
Feltey expounded on the opportunities the Army provided him and his family.

About 75 percent of young people today admit they know little to nothing about the U.S. Army and the career opportunities it offers. These visits allow students to ask questions about a career in the military.

At the Union High School’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, one young woman asked, “When you are away from your family, how do you stay connected?”

Feltey said, “Technology is amazing! When I was a battalion commander, we were on the Afghan–Pakistani border, but I remember that Christmas. I had an iPhone and Wi-Fi. I connected with my family over FaceTime. I had Christmas morning with my kids! I got to be with my family on Christmas morning!”

Many students and parents have the misconception that, for the duration of the time a person is enlisted or deployed, they will need to give up all connection to their friends and family. Technology makes it possible to stay connected in most situations.
Recruiters are always available to meet and discuss questions or concerns. There are more than 150 career paths available in the U.S. Army.

For more information about the visit, contact Allison Luchnick, public affairs specialist, U.S. Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, at

Photo Courtesy of Michael Halloran, US Army