Battle Hill school raises money for animal shelters

Photo Courtesy of Alison Brehm  Pictured is Abby Polizzi and Alexandra Aiello with their second-grade class.
Photo Courtesy of Alison Brehm
Pictured is Abby Polizzi and Alexandra Aiello with their second-grade class.

UNION, NJ — Walk through the doors of Battle Hill Elementary School in Union, and you will see the “Wall of Paws,” a bulletin board overflowing with photos of dogs and cats, and even some birds and lizards.

Second-grade students at the school expressed an interest in helping animals and raising money toward that cause, and their teachers — Abby Polizzi and Alexandra Aiello — were happy to facilitate the effort. Together, the teachers and students set up their “Wall of Paws” board at school’s main entrance and asked students to donate $2, along with a short blurb citing their pet’s name and why they love their pet.

The project brought in donations from students, faculty and administration alike, and soon the class had collected $220, which was donated to Home for Good Dog Rescue and Angel Paws Cat Rescue.

Polizzi, who has been a volunteer at the dog rescue for four years and who describes herself as a huge animal lover, was excited to bring the project to fruition. “The kids always have such a love for animals,” said Polizzi. “We just thought that we love our pets so much and that we wanted to raise money for them.”

Polizzi said that the animal rescues to which they donated are in need of funds. “They really need it,” said Polizzi. “They rely on donations. The kids wanted to donate and show support. The children took an active part in spreading the word and collecting the money.”

According to Polizzi, both organizations — who received $110 each — were thrilled to receive the support. “They were very excited and very appreciative that the kids did that for them,” said Polizzi.

Matt Holowienka, of the Home for Good Dog Rescue, located in Summit and Berkeley Heights, said that the organization was grateful for the support. “We always love seeing kids getting involved in animal rescue,” said Holowienka. “They are the next generation of animal helpers and lovers.”

Home for Good Dog Rescue is a foster-based, nonprofit dog rescue whose mission is to rescue dogs from shelters in South Carolina and Georgia, both with a large population of unwanted dogs. The dogs are transported to New Jersey, where they are placed in foster homes while they await adoption by a suitable family. Adoptive families must enter into a contract that guarantees their adopted dog will live inside the home, is treated as a member of the family, and is seen for wellness checkups by a licensed veterinarian.
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Angel Paws, located in Colonia, is an all-volunteer based organization with no outside funding. Donations go toward animal care, including veterinary care and supplies. Their upcoming “Pawsta Dinner” fundraiser will be held at the American Legion in Rahway.
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