Temple Sha’arey Shalom’s Passover Seder: An inclusive celebration

Rabbi Uri Allen and Cantor Jason Roseman thoughtfully guide an inclusive and engaging evening in celebration of a Passover Seder.

SPRINGFIELD, NJ — Temple Sha’arey Shalom, a reform community in Springfield, brought together members and guests for a Passover Seder that offered companionship, meaningful conversations, and heartwarming connections.

Rabbi Uri Allen and Cantor Jason Roseman thoughtfully guided an inclusive and engaging evening. Rosenman’s deep, traditional, opera-level voice was combined with Allen’s musical talent. The rabbi’s insightful leadership and questions guided participants in readings and songs, creating a charming atmosphere of reflection and celebration.

“What made this seder truly special was the spirit of friendship and inclusivity that permeated the entire evening,” said Allen, a long-time member of the congregation. The rabbi honored traditions through a modern lens and engaged everyone in thoughtful questioning and meaningful dialogue. “It was more than just a meal; it was a journey of ideas,” said Betsy, a first-time attendee who said she was glad she attended.

Temple Sha’arey Shalom continues to create connections and offers a safe space for the Jewish community and beyond, exemplifying the values of compassion, learning and togetherness. Looking forward to future celebrations and gatherings, the temple remains committed to fostering a welcoming environment where all are embraced and celebrated.

“We welcome people from all backgrounds and beliefs, embodying the essence of a reform community that values human rights, social justice, diversity and unity,” said Bill, another attendee.
For more information about Temple Sha’arey Shalom and upcoming events, visit shaarey.org.

Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Graulich