Springfield Planning Board approves cell phone tower improvements

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SPRINGFIELD, NJ — T-Mobile Northeast put forth an application to upgrade its facility and provide improved service at Springfield’s Planning Board meeting on Monday, Nov. 15.

In the application, T-Mobile Northeast’s attorney, Frank Ferraro of Ferraro & Stamos, explained during the virtual meeting that the site plan waiver would be for the T-Mobile Northeast cell phone tower on Tooker Avenue in Springfield.

“T-Mobile has 10 antennas up on the tower right now at a height of 150 feet. The tower is existing at 158 1/2 feet,” Ferraro said during the meeting. “In this application, T-Mobile is looking to swap out three existing antennas on existing mounts with three new antennas. Those three new antennas will actually be shorter than the ones they replace, and there’s an existing equipment cabinet on the ground. T-Mobile is looking to add two additional equipment cabinets next to it within their existing lease area for a total of three, in order to upgrade their facility and provide improved service to this area of the township.”

Engineer Anthony Cristiano from French & Parrello Associates also attended the virtual meeting to confirm that none of the proposed upgrades would have a substantial change to the existing facility and that they meet the necessary requirements to be carried out.

“We did submit a structural analysis indicating that the tower can support the upgrade, and we also have a signed and sealed letter from French & Parrello Associates, the project engineer,” said Ferraro. “It’s their opinion that the board could comfortably grant the requested site plan waiver.”

Board engineer Mike Disko agreed that the application met the state statute and is within their code.

“Everything that Mr. Ferraro just talked about is very common. As technology increases, they swap them out. That’s what we’re doing here,” said Disko at the meeting. “Allocation standards are very clear. He’s working within his confines of the equipment field. It’s located behind the firehouse, so this is not private and it’s really our property. This is very standard and we get about one or two of these a year.”

Ferraro requested a waiver of resolution for this application. The board had no issues with the application, and all members approved the application. The motion was passed by all members.