Resident to be awarded Barry Dain Champion of Hope Award

Dr. Brian Greenwald

SPRINGFIELD, NJ — The Brain Injury Association of New York State has announced that Dr. Brian Greenwald of Springfield will receive the Barry Dain Champion of Hope Award at the organization’s Journey of Hope Gala on Wednesday, Nov. 8. This is the first year the Barry Dain Champion of Hope is being awarded and it recognizes an individual who has shown incredible dedication and leadership in supporting individuals with a brain injury.

“Winning this award has made me so happy,” said Dr. Brian Greenwald in an interview with LocalSource on Wednesday, Oct. 25. “The Champion of Hope Award was given to Barry Dain last year because he had done such amazing work, and last year they decided to name the award after him. This year, I’ll be the first recipient of this award, although they’ve had the award before.

“I’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of awards in my lifetime. My father always told me how lucky I am to work in a profession where I can receive so many awards, and I think about his words often.”

Greenwald is the medical director for the Center for Brain Injuries and the associate medical director of Hackensack Meridian JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. He chose to specialize in brain injuries due to the complexity of the condition. Brain injury affects so many facets of an individual’s life. The complexity of the care people with brain injury need, the team-based approach to care, the chance to impact people’s quality of life and lifelong patient relationships brought him to this field.

“Dr. Greenwald has made significant contributions through his decades of service and commitment to brain injury survivors in the field of rehabilitation,” said Eileen Reardon, executive director of BIANYS, in a press release. “We look forward to honoring him at the Journey of Hope Gala.”

In addition to his professional contributions to the brain injury community, Greenwald has been a strong proponent of all the great work the BIANYS does for the community. He has helped with fundraising efforts and refers many of his patients to the organization.

“Barry Dain, for whom this award is named, has been a great proponent of getting persons with brain injury the treatment they need and deserve,” Greenwald said in a press release. “BIANYS is such a respected organization for all its advocacy work and I’m so honored to receive such a prestigious award from such a great organization.”

“Barry Dain is great,” added Greenwald. “He’s a real leader when it comes to the care of persons with brain injury. He’s the former president of the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of New York State.

“I’ve been a physician specializing in brain injury for the past 20 years. I’ve been working with the community to improve the quality of life for people who have been suffering brain injury. One thing I love about the title of this award is the word ‘hope,’ because I think hope is so critical. Many of the people I take care of are at the lowest point in their life for them and their families and hope is so critical. The fact that it’s the Barry Dain Champion of Hope Award makes me feel so pleased.”

Greenwald offered a lot of praise for the BIANYS.

“The Brain Injury Association of New York State has done so much for people in their state,” he said. “What can we do to maximize the functions of people with head trauma? We think that people with brian injuries should be cared for early on.”

“Too often, people are not given the opportunity to receive the care they need,” continued Greenwald. “As well as the work I do with New York, I’m also the vice president for the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey.”

After working at Mount Sinai, Greenwald went to HMH JFK University Medical Center in Edison, where he was put in charge.

“I’ve been here for about 10 years and it’s a really wonderful place to work,” he said.

I was the person who took care of Tracy Morgan,” he added. “I see him once a year when he honors one of the nurses at JFK at the brain trauma unit.

“It’s great to get publicity for the great work we do.”

Although he’s worked at several big-name hospitals in the area, throughout his tenure, he’s called one place home.

“I’ve lived in Springfield since 2000,” Greenwald said. “Throughout my time working at these different hospitals, I’ve remained in Springfield.”

Hosted at the elegant Midtown Loft & Terrace, the Journey of Hope Gala is a celebration of New York’s brain injury community and a special time to recognize those who have made significant advances in the field of brain injury. To attend the gala, register at

Photo Courtesy of Susan Bardack