Library uses CARES Act Mini-Grant to boost Wi-Fi equity in Rahway

RAHWAY, NJ — Residents will find it much easier to connect to the internet in and around the Rahway Public Library, with the recent expansion and update of the library’s public Wi-Fi capabilities.

Thanks to a $4,861 CARES Act Mini-Grant awarded by the New Jersey State Library, the library’s new public wireless service is not only as much as four times faster than before, it provides almost three times the coverage area. This improvement provides Rahway residents with 24/7 Wi-Fi access from the parking deck and nearby areas.

The urgency of an upgrade to the library’s 15-year-old Wi-Fi system became apparent during 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns when, due to the limitations of the old system, efforts to extend much-needed public internet access to areas outside of the closed library building met with limited success.

The Rahway Public Library’s “Wi-Fi equity” winning grant application was a perfect match for the New Jersey State Library Mini-Grant’s objective to fund projects that foster digital inclusion for library users and the community.