Girls Empowerment Mentorship Club launched in memory of daughter

Laura Giacobbe speaks to the fifth- and sixth-grade girls at Franklin Elementary School.

RAHWAY, NJ — On Monday, May 1, Laura Giacobbe, a Rahway Board of Education member, visited schools in Rahway to promote a new girls empowerment mentorship club created in memory of her daughter, Anabella (Bella), who died in September 2022. The mission of the club is to instill confidence in young ladies and encourage them to dream big and pursue their passions, just as Bella did.

The Girls Empowerment Mentorship Club will offer an inclusive curriculum that is both educational and fun, and its members will enjoy a variety of activities, including trips, social and team-building skills, guest speakers, entrepreneurship skills, and community service projects. The club aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment that will help girls entering sixth, seventh and eighth grade grow and learn together.

“Creating this mentorship program in memory of my daughter Bella is a way of keeping her spirit alive and making a positive impact on the lives of young girls in our community,” Giacobbe said. “Through this program, we hope to empower girls to pursue their dreams, develop their skills and talents, and build strong and supportive relationships with one another.”

Girls interested in joining the club will fill out an application that their homeroom teacher at school will give them access to, and the first meeting will take place in June. Parents and guardians are encouraged to support their daughters and help them take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Photo Courtesy of Linda Lospiniso Lampert