Bilingual students in grades two and three have publishing celebrations

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RAHWAY, NJ — Bilingual students in grades two and three at Franklin Elementary School had publishing celebrations. Parents were invited into the school to see their child’s accomplishments.

Teacher Martha Parra-Irwin’s third-grade students shared the books that they published. The books were written in both English and Spanish. The students worked on their books for several months and they were very proud to share them with their families.

Teacher Ana Miklowcic’s second-grade students shared their Google slides and online stories that they created. The students used a variety of tools to create their stories, including Google Slides and The students were very creative and their stories were a hit with their families.

The publishing celebrations were a great success. They were a great way for the students to celebrate their accomplishments and share their work with their families. The students were beaming with smiles and were very proud of their work. Their families were very supportive. The celebrations were a great way to celebrate the hard work and creativity of the bilingual students at Franklin Elementary School.

Photos Courtesy of Linda Lospinoso Lampert