Author’s latest book addresses concerns regarding NJ car accidents

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MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ — Car accidents are something that most of us will have to deal with at least some point in our lives. For attorney Howard P. Lesnik, the answer to this problem is his latest book, “New Jersey Car Accident Handbook.”

“No one is ever ready for unexpected motor vehicle accidents or the emotional and financial difficulties that follow,” said Lesnik in a recent press release. “Most people incorrectly assume that if they are injured in a car accident caused by another person, that person’s insurance will cover any of their medical expenses that result from the accident. However, insurance coverage in New Jersey is more complicated.”

Lesnik, whose practice is based out of Mountainside, said he created this book because there is a need to answer the questions so many people have when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. According to the NJ Department of Transportation, 13,779 accidents occurred in Union County, 3,018 of which resulted in injuries in 2020, the year most recently reported. Those involved in a vehicle accident often face financial consequences they are not able to maintain. This car accident guidebook provides an insider’s view of what you need to know about car accidents in New Jersey, what you need to do, and why.

“It’s more for people who don’t necessarily have to retain me as a lawyer but as a general informational guide,” said Lesnik in an interview with LocalSource on Friday, Dec. 8. “Everyone thinks it’s common sense what to do if you’re in an accident, but most people don’t even do the first thing, exchange information, or the second thing, wait for the police. If you don’t have a police report, it’s a lot harder to get your medical bills paid.”

“It’s very common sense, but a lot of people are in a rush. They call an attorney a month later and they haven’t done these things,” he said.

“What happens is a lot of people call me and they haven’t done anything at the time of the accident or a month after. They haven’t reported it to their insurance company or they think the other driver’s company will take care of it themselves.”

The guidebook helps people who are injured in car crashes due to the negligence of another person to make sure they receive the medical treatment they need, their medical bills are paid and they are compensated for any permanent injuries. The guidebook provides independent, unbiased explanations that are critical in states such as New Jersey, where insurance companies are protected by state statute from fault and profit from poorly structured car insurance policies.

“There are some laws that are different from state to state, but it’s the same basic outline,” Lesnik said. “If you’re in an accident, report it to the police. If you get hurt, go to a doctor. If you don’t go to the doctor right away and then get worse, there’s always a chance your insurance might decline it.
“The joke is that the insurance companies are like bookies who don’t want to pay your bet. They have these rules that allow them to get out of paying you. Their loyalty isn’t to the customer, it’s to their shareholders. Because it is a business.”

The book is based on Lesnik’s extensive experience in personal injury claims and his dismay at insurance adjusters’ manipulative tactics. He has made the book available to anyone who wants to protect themselves and family and make the best financial decisions regarding their car accident injury case. Published by Barbara Shopiro Publishing, the book can be found at his website,, or at Barnes & Noble bookstores.

“It’s very hard to deal with insurance companies,” he said. “The insurance laws are very confusing. They’re so confusing, there are hundreds of legal books and thousands of ways of interpreting them. I don’t even know if all the lawyers and judges understand all the laws.

“I did do research, but it’s mostly the issues that come up because I have to deal with them.”

Lesnik works with clients from beginning to end of their case – from their initial phone call, all the way through negotiations, settlements and trials, when necessary. His dedication to his cases is widely praised by past clients.

“I have gotten positive feedback generally,” he said. “I’ll have a personal injury attorney call me and tell me they read my book and they have a question.”

In addition to his personal injury practice, Lesnik has been board certified as a trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey in criminal defense – an honor attributed to only 2% of the 75,000 registered NJ lawyers. Lesnik is a graduate of Seton Hall University School of Law and specializes in personal injury and criminal defense litigation. He handles personal injury and criminal defense cases throughout New Jersey and is also a certified criminal trial attorney by the Supreme Court of NJ.

“I am from West Orange,” Lesnik said. “I went to college out in Michigan. I went to law school at Seton Hall in South Orange and, currently, my family and I live in Basking Ridge.”

The New Jersey Accident Guidebook has been released to prepare families facing car accidents, especially resulting from inexperienced drivers on New Jersey roads during the new school year.

“I’m always on the side of the client,” he said. “I’m always trying to get justice for them when I represent somebody. The defendant’s attorney is just trying to save the insurance company money.
“I’m with the plaintiff.”

Lesnik’s first book, “New Jersey Car Insurance Buyer’s Guide,” was published a couple of years ago, he said, to help those who needed guidance regarding this topic. His new book targets another problem: car accidents. Lesnik said has been in the business for long enough that he can see through the duplicity of insurance attorneys.

“There are so many issues, being a personal injury attorney,” he said. “And there are so many issues that come up dealing with an insurance attorney. Insurance attorneys are nice people and I enjoy dealing with them most of the time.”


“Insurance companies switch adjusters on you in the middle of a case so you can’t get too friendly with them,” he said. “The defense attorney basically represents the insurance company and deals with the insurance adjustor.”

Lesnik doesn’t just handle car accidents. He has been certified as a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This forum acknowledges his excellence in advocacy, especially for those who have been seriously injured as a result of negligence. Lesnik has settled numerous cases in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, defending victims of dog bites, commercial vehicle accidents and highway accidents, including out-of-state drivers on the NJ Turnpike.

And speaking of dog bites…

“For my next book, I may pick a type of law. For example, dog bite cases. Dogs are man’s best friend, but a lot of clients have been bitten by dogs,” Lesnik said.

“I just decided I’m not doing dog bites,” he said with a laugh..”Maybe I’ll do one about crashes involving Lyft and Uber.”

Whatever book he next decides to write, Lesnik will surely be answering questions the public has long been asking.

Photo Courtesy of Howard Lesnik