Local boxers to compete in Greenland on May 4

Sebastian Mazeneth, right, is one of the boxers who will compete in Greenland.

ROSELLE PARK, NJ — A group of local amateur boxers will get their first taste of international experience on Saturday, May 4, when a team from America travels to Greenland for a one night show in the capital city of Nuuk.

Eight boxers – six from New Jersey and two from New York – will compete on Saturday, May 4, at Godthaabhallen in Nuuk, Greenland, against boxers from the country’s only boxing gym, Fight Club Nanoq.

The boxers include Sebastian Mazeneth, 21, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Andriy Lishchuk, 17, of Linden; Quamaine Futrell, 27, of Hillside; Carlos Lizardo, 25, of Newark; Joshua Rodriguez, 18, of Staten Island, N.Y.; Nolan Hill, 34, of Edgewater; Corina Shirk-Harris, 17, of Atlantic City; and Timothy Hardy, 19, of Neptune.
The coaches will be Ryan Songalia and Percy Gayanilo, both of New Jersey.

Songalia, who helped organize the trip after an invite from Fight Club Nanoq owner/trainer Mahmoud Minaei, said he hopes this event strengthens the cultures of boxing in both regions.

“This event is a great opportunity for the young boxers from America and those in Greenland. Boxers can only get better by fighting better boxers, and getting experience dealing with different circumstances. We greatly appreciate Fight Club Nanoq’s invitation and look forward to putting on a great show for the fans in Nuuk,” said Songalia, who has written extensively on Nordic boxing through his day job as a reporter for The Ring magazine.

“Our hope is that this experience benefits all of the boxers, both in terms of boxing skill and life experience. We also hope this leads to the sport becoming more popular in Greenland.”
Mazeneth, a junior studying finance at College of Staten Island, said he is excited for the opportunity to take his boxing career to the next level.

“Fighting in this show has given me the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time to fight. It is a key step to fighting internationally more in the future,” said Mazeneth, who was a finalist at the 2023 Ring Masters Championships in New York City.

“I feel honored and lucky to have the opportunity to fly to another country and do what I love while traveling and discovering a new place in the world.”

Shirk-Harris and Hardy are participants in the New Jersey Give A Kid A Dream foundation out of Gleason’s Jersey Shore Gym. Lishchuk, Futrell and Lizardo train out of Park Elite Boxing Academy in Roselle Park. Mazeneth, who is co-trained by Songalia, trains out of Sweatbox Brooklyn, N.Y., as does Rodriguez. Nolan Hill boxes out of Different Breed Sports Academy in Teaneck.

The boxing show will be overseen by the Danish Boxing Association. Tickets for the event are 200 DKK or $28 USD, with the show to begin at 8 p.m. Local television coverage for the event is being finalized.


Andriy Lishchuk vs. Luca Sikemsen
Sebastian Mazeneth vs. Mads Peder Bejder Christensen
Corina Shirk Harris vs. Clara Bjerregaard
Nolan Hill vs. Philippe Kuitse Andersen
Carlos Lizardo vs. Daniel Vuong Holm Jensen
Joshua Rodriguez vs. Aputsiaq Didriksen
Quamaine Futrell vs. Paalu Rosing Johansen
Timothy Hardy vs. Anguteeraq Petersen

Photo Courtesy of Ed Alvarez