Gas leak causes evacuation of homes in Kenilworth

KENILWORTH — Kenilworth Police Chief John Zimmerman announced that a gas leak in a residential area caused a small evacuation of homes on Pembrook Drive yesterday morning.

A gas main leak was reported to the Kenilworth Police Department while crews were working in the area on an unrelated matter. The leak was reported at about 11:50 a.m. after a crew which was working in the area of 78 Pembrook Drive had struck a gas main line in the front of the residence near the street.

“Our patrol officers arrived on scene and quickly decided to evacuate the surrounding homes, said Lt. Dowd, who responded to the scene of the leak. “The leak was contained to an area in front of 78 Pembrook Drive, and the gas company responded quickly to secure the leak.”

Kenilworth Fire Department & Kenilworth First Aid squad personnel were all dispatched to the area, and were checking gas levels in the homes.

“Police officers arrived on scene and determined that a gas main had indeed been struck and was actively leaking, and the evacuation of the residents of the surrounding homes was done as a precaution, said Zimmerman. “The officers then safeguarded the scene.”

With the area secured, officers awaited arrival of gas company representatives. Elizabethtown Gas arrived on scene and a short time later was able to have the gas shutoff. Crews were working throughout the afternoon repairing the damaged pipe.