Walnut PTA gifts $5,000 to the district for new iPads

CRANFORD, NJ — The Board of Education has accepted a $5,000 donation from the Walnut Avenue Parent Teacher Association, which will be used for the purchase of iPads for students in kindergarten through second grade.

Board of Education Administrator Robert Carfagno received the check Tuesday, Nov. 19.
The donation will ideally provide an iPad for every student in those grades, or for as many as possible.
“I just want to thank, again, the PTAs,” BOE member William Hulse said during the board’s Nov. 25 meeting.

“They’re always … collecting money and giving back to the school district. $5,000 is a substantial amount of money, and they’re using it to purchase iPads for the K through second. I mean, it’s just phenomenal stuff what the PTAs do, so thank you for that.”

Board member Terry Darling agreed with Hulse’s comments, praising the PTAs for their support of students districtwide.
“I would just second that,” Darling said. “We can’t thank these PTAs enough. And the PTAs throughout the entire district have done so much and they continue to do it. They work tirelessly.

“PTA leadership — talk about a thankless job. Those people should be thanked every day by every parent that sees them. And people don’t realize how much work those people put in. So, thank you to the Walnut Avenue PTA.”