Sunny Acres celebrates its 75th anniversary

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CRANFORD, NJ — The Sunny Acres Civic and Improvement Association celebrated their 75th anniversary on Friday, April 15, with a gala dinner event at the Trattoria Bel Paese restaurant in Cranford. The theme for the evening was the 1940s, with patriotic decorations. 1940s attire was optional. A display of the archives and achievements were there for all to see.

“Sunny Acres” housing development, located off Raritan Road in the southeast corner of Cranford near the Garden State Parkway, consists of 172 homes built by Sears Roebuck from 1941 through World War II as part of the “Home club Plan”. After the homes were sold and completed, the association was established in 1941 to get the contractor and Sears to correct and fix construction issues, through a “strength in numbers” action plan.

Through its civic and improvement association, the neighborhood has been well-served as an integral unit in serious matters, as well as in social matters. As the oldest civic association in Cranford, a singular pride has kept the Sunny Acres Civic and Improvement Association together for 75 years.

Through the years, the Township Committee and the Chamber of Commerce have recognized the service and contributions of the association with special proclamations for their, 50th, 70th and 75th anniversaries.

Mayor Andis Kalnins of Cranford signed the new proclamation: “Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Township Committee of the township of Cranford wishes to congratulate the Sunny Acres Civic and Improvement Association on the occasion of its 75th anniversary and commends the many residents and volunteers who, over the course of 75 years, have worked so faithfully and ardently to make the Sunny Acres Development an invaluable asset to our community.”