Amanda Newport, varsity tennis

“I am nominating Amanda Newport. She is a junior and returning player. Amanda is also the team captain. She has a strong presence, on and off the court. She takes charge as a team leader with her caring and calm demeanor. She also offers her experience as a guide for the new members of our varsity team and the program as a whole. Amanda plays first doubles for our team and was recently called to play third singles, since a member of our team has been ill. Amanda played the last three matches at the third singles position and won each time! Amanda Newport is truly a rock for our team and we appreciate her dedication, as she is a wonderful role model and example of a Cougar scholar-athlete!”
— Coach Lisa Williams

What is your favorite part of the tennis team?
“Being on a team. All of us have grown to know each other so well, even though some of the girls on the team only joined this year. We are all always there to cheer each other on during a match and we always look out for each other.”

In what way has the sport benefited you?
“It has been a way for me to relieve stress. After a long day of school, it is always nice to go to tennis, whether it’s a match or just practice, and just play around and be surrounded by all the girls on the team.”

What is your biggest challenge in tennis?
“Not getting upset at myself. I have to make sure that, if I lose a point, I move past it and use it to correct myself for the next point. Tennis can be a very mental sport, so I always have to make sure that I’m keeping myself motivated and not getting upset about little mistakes.”

How do you get ready for a tennis match?
“Before every tennis match, I eat, stretch and just relax with all the other girls on the team. I never try to stress about a match, especially right before I am playing, so I am always talking to someone to get my mind off of the stress.”

What’s your favorite memory of this season?
“The pasta party we had before our first match. Since it was still early in the season, not a lot of us knew each other, but it really allowed all of us to just talk and hang out. I think it made a difference in how all of us were connected and that feeling definitely carried out throughout the season.”

Who are your favorite professional athletes?
“Women tennis players, especially those who are younger. It’s very inspiring to watch all of them play and know that it’s not impossible to become an amazing professional athlete.”

What is your favorite subject in school?
“Math and science. I find it interesting how everything in the world works and connects to everything else. My other favorite subject is psychology, because I find it interesting how people think and react to different circumstances and how environmental factors play a role into all of that.”

What other hobbies do you have?
“I am still a Girl Scout and I am currently working on my Gold Award, which is the highest award to earn as a Girl Scout. I am also involved in different clubs and activities throughout the high school. I also love to just hang out with friends, whether it be at tennis or with my other friends from school. I just love to connect with other people.”

What are your plans after high school?
“I plan to go to college and study something along the lines of animal psychology and behavior, and ecology. I love working with animals, so I am definitely going into a career where I work with them, but not the veterinary side of things. I also hope to play tennis in college, whether that be for the college I go to or just a club team.”