“I chose Olivia because she is just getting into tennis. She played some matches and attended a camp over the summer. As a freshman, Olivia is able to see the open court. She is building her confidence with each match and I’m excited to have her on the team for the next four years.”

Coach Lisa Williams

Olivia Tardibuono, varsity tennis player

What is your favorite part of girl’s tennis?
“The girls on the team are very supportive and nice, and Coach Williams is an excellent coach. Practices started in August so as a freshman, it was great seeing some friendly, familiar faces in the halls.”

In what way has the sport benefited you?
“Tennis is so much fun, improves your concentration and keeps you really fit. My grandparents still play tennis every day in Florida and they love it!”

What is your biggest challenge in tennis?
“Trying to stay focused, to play every point and not worry about what the score is. I want to play my best game, stay positive and have fun.”

How do you get ready for a tennis match?
“I like to drink a lot of water and make sure to have a snack before I play, so that I can stay energized during the match.”

What are some goals you wish to accomplish before the season ends?
“Winning in singles is tough, but I am hoping to do the best I can for the team. I am also working on improving my serve and hitting harder with control.”

Who are your favorite professional athletes?
“Roger Federer because he is the ‘GOAT’ and, on the women’s side, I like Caroline Wozniacki. They are both amazing players and good role
models for the sport.

What other hobbies do you have?
“I really love art and it is something fun to do in my spare time. I also play the violin and I decided to take guitar as a cycle at school.”

What are your plans after high school?
“I am just a freshman and I am not sure yet, but hopefully I will figure it all out before I get out of high school. It would be great to be able to continue to play tennis in college though.”

What is your favorite subject in high school?
“I like both math and science, so I am hoping that being part of the Science Academy at school will help me to figure out what I might like to do in the future.”