Cranford Knights of Columbus donates new ladder truck flag to CFD

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CRANFORD, NJ — A new ladder truck flag was generously donated by the Cranford Knights of Columbus to the Cranford Fire Department. Call Department Lt. Ron Marotta was named Firefighter of the Year by the Cranford Knights of Columbus last year. As part of this recognition, the Cranford Knights of Columbus donates to the charity of choice for the recipient. Marotta graciously chose to give back to his fire department in choosing to have a new ladder truck flag.

In a flag-raising ceremony on Tuesday, May 21, Cranford Fire Department Chief Dan Czeh said, “Flying a flag from a fire apparatus is a visual display of pride and honor for our department, the community and for the country. This flag will be raised for celebrations and unfortunately, for somber occasions. Every time it is raised though, we will be full of pride and honor as we salute the colors.”

“Thank you to Call Lt. Ron Marotta and to the Cranford Knights of Columbus for making this generous and patriotic donation. This flag will be proudly used as our display for years to come. With Flag Day coming on June 14, we celebrate this donation, we celebrate this flag and we are all proud to be American!” Czeh concluded in his speech.

Marotta has served the Cranford Fire Department for 46 years. His dedication to the department and his community is evident in all he does in service and in this patriotic donation to the Fire Department.

“I am happy to have been able to contribute to our Fire Department and our community with the support of the Knights of Columbus with this American Flag donation today,” Morotta said. “I am incredibly proud to serve our Fire Department for such a long tenure and Chief Czeh is absolutely one of the finest chiefs that I have served under as he recognizes the service of our members and he works hard to strengthen our Fire Department. He encourages each of us to be the best that we can be for our community and department.”

Administrator Lavona Patterson and Public Safety Commissioner Paul A. Gallo attended the ceremony with members of the Cranford Fire Department and the Knights of Columbus.

“Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for this beautiful flag,” Gallo said.

Jerry Conheeney of the Knights of Columbus said the Knights of Columbus has a mission of charity. “If the fire department and the police department come to us, we try and do as much as we can to raise money.”

Photos Courtesy of Christina Miskewitz