Union County cuts ribbon on the new Financial Opportunity Center

UNION COUNTY, NJ — The Union County Board of County Commissioners has announced the full rollout of the new Financial Opportunity Center, in partnership with the Urban League of Union County. As part of Commissioner Chairperson Sergio Granados’ 2023 chairperson’s theme of “Building a Stronger Union County,” through his “Pathways to Opportunities” initiative, this official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 27, at its location of 921 Elizabeth Ave., Elizabeth.

“By minimizing barriers to employment goals and offering clear career pathways, we are dedicated to creating a conducive environment for personal and professional growth,” Granados said. “This initiative emphasizes the county’s commitment to equipping individuals with the tools they need to achieve financial success and build fulfilling careers. By combining our resources and expertise with the Urban League of Union County, we are confident that we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.”

This collaboration aims to provide enhanced professional services to customers certified through the American Job Center. The Financial Opportunity Center, developed in conjunction with the Urban League of Union County, represents a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering individuals on their journey towards financial stability. As a HUD-certified counseling agency, the Urban League brings a wealth of experience in licensed financial counseling, further augmenting the support available to our valued customers.

Key features of the Financial Opportunity Center include comprehensive financial literacy programs, tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals engaged in training, job-seeking services and other career development activities.

To be eligible for the services offered at the Financial Opportunity Center, customers must be registered in UC Works and enrolled in a training program, career service or post-training activity. This strategic partnership ensures that individuals not only receive valuable financial counseling but also benefit from a holistic approach to career development.

For more information about the Financial Opportunity Center, call 908-558-8000 or visit www.ucnj.org/ajc.