UC Jail receives perfect accreditation score for first time

Photo Courtesy of Union County
Pictured from left are James Troisi of the ACA, County Corrections Director Ronald L. Charles, Dr. James Neal of CFG Medical Services, Jacqueline Byrd of CFG Medical Services and Union County Department of Correction members Sgt. Krystal Pizzarelli, Officer Edilian Ramirez, Capt. Stanley Zydzik, Officer Shannan Henn, Officer Donato Serafino, Capt. and Assistant Director Robert Cesaro, and Capt. John Saenger.

UNION COUNTY, NJ — For the first time in its history, the Union County Jail has earned accreditation from the American Correctional Association with a perfect score of 100. Union County Department of Corrections Director Ronald L. Charles was on hand a few weeks ago to receive the news with his accreditation team members at the ACA’s Congress of Corrections in San Diego, Calif.

The 100-percent score is considered rare among jails, and only 150 jails nationwide out of 3,000 are accredited.
The ACA is the body tasked with developing nationwide standards for policies and procedures that safeguard the lives, health and safety of corrections personnel and inmates. It conducted the audit of the Union County Jail last year. ACA accreditation covers all aspects of a facility, including safety, security, order, inmate care, programs and administration.

Union County Communications Director Sebastian D’Elia said the county administration is proud of the achievement.
“The county administration is proud of the fact that they received a 100-percent score,” D’Elia told LocalSource in a Feb. 10 phone interview. “They worked hard.”

D’Elia credited both Department of Corrections Director Charles and former Director Brian Riordan for working on a series of reforms for the last 5 to 6 years.

“The current jail direction has taken this above and beyond,” he said. “The staff and the whole team have worked together to make this happen.”