Kumpf students create Math Art Gallery

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CLARK, NJ — Sixth-grade students in Christine Troiano’s math classes at Kumpf Middle School recently participated in an Art Gallery Walk with some exciting projects. In the first project, in honor of Black History Month, students had to research a black mathematician who made an important contribution to society. A baseball card was created for each mathematician, including interesting facts and contributions.

According to Troiano, “The students enjoyed learning about these mathematicians and how they impacted the world of math. They were excited to share their projects.”

Also included in the walk were pictures students created as part of a “Following Directions Activity.” Students received a picture. One person had to describe how to draw the picture using lines, shapes and other details to help them draw it. When the students were done giving directions, the students were able to compare it to the original image.

Troiano said, “The students got to see how important it is to follow directions, but also how important it is to give accurate directions. They also got to utilize their math words as part of the description.”

Both projects required students to use their artistic skills in math class, which is part of the Arts Integration initiative at Kumpf Middle School where art is a part of many other disciplines.

Photos Courtesy of Christine Casale Broski