Clark sisters celebrate their athletic victories

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CLARK, NJ — Clark twin sisters Mia and Tatiana Cunha, 14, recently celebrated some major victories. Mia won two gold medals in the 25-meter freestyle and 25-meter backstroke at the Special Olympics, which were at The College of New Jersey from June 10 to 12. She also won a bronze in the 50-meter relay.

Mia has been swimming competitively for only a year but has taken swimming lessons since she was little.

Mia’s parents, Dennis and Sandra Cunha, said, “If you only knew how proud we are of you! We are so proud of you and the way you have proved yourself. You are a parent’s dream and desires, realized all in you.”

Mia’s sister, Tatiana Cunha, competed at the Elite Clubs National League National Finals, which were at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, Wash., June 22-29. Tatiana plays soccer for World Class FC in Orangeburg, N.Y., which is among the elite eight teams nationwide in the U-14 age bracket.

Tatiana’s team won two games and lost one, to a team from California called Pateadores, which has won seven national championships. The Pateadores went on to win their other two games. This is the highest level of play in girls youth soccer. There were more than 250 college scouts in attendance.

Tatiana’s parents said, “To finish in the top 5 in the country is an amazing achievement. We are so proud of Tatiana and the achievement she has been able to accomplish and experience.”