Clark memorial for women vets planned

CLARK, NJ — With the sponsorship and help of Clark American Legion Post 328 and Clark UNICO, Clark resident and Korean War veteran William Caruso is raising funds for Clark’s first Women’s War Veterans Memorial.

Wounded during the Korean war, Caruso knows firsthand how imperative service women were to his recovery, saying recently, “I was in the navy hospital and each of the naval nurses treated me with such compassion.”

Caruso aims to fill a blank space in front of Town Hall with a Women’s War Veterans Memorial. While the memorial’s design is not yet complete, Caruso said it will be an image of a woman in uniform saluting the flag, along with a statement thanking the women who have served in the military. Caruso plans to unveil the memorial at the end of April and hopes to have women veterans present for the ceremony along with top officials.

To donate to the Women’s War Veterans Memorial, contact Clark UNICO at 732-396-9699.


One Response to "Clark memorial for women vets planned"

  1. Alex   March 4, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Great idea too long in coming