Councilman hoping residents will be even better neighbors

LINDEN — When 4th Ward Councilman Derek Armstead noticed there were foreclosed properties in his neighborhood that were overgrown with grass and weeds, he decided not to call Town Hall, but to pitch in and do something about the problem. “Look, this is where we live. How do you not want it to look nice?” […]

Layoffs averted after federal grant

LINDEN — Three months ago the city’s financial picture looked very bleak, but ironically things have turned around in the last few weeks thanks to millions in federal and state grants. Especially for the fire department. In early May, city coffers were so strained the town council was seriously considering layoffs of police and firefighters […]

Judge files complaint claiming wrongful termination from bench

LINDEN — Former city municipal judge Louis DiLeo is suing the city and Mayor Rich Gerbounka for wrongfully and improperly terminating him last year after sitting on the local bench since 2003. The lawsuit, filed last week in Elizabeth Superior Court, alleged that starting in 2008 city officials “conspired and discriminated” against the municipal judge, […]

One year later, police seek help with unsolved Clark murder

CLARK/LINDEN — A year after the brutal murders of two women took place in Clark and Linden, the cases remain unsolved. That has not been easy for local police or the Union County Homicide Task force, who continue to focus on apprehending these murderers. Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the grisly murder of Clark resident […]

Linden budget works via furloughs, garbage tax

LINDEN — It appears the city will eventually pass a budget of almost $99 million for 2013, but in order to eliminate a $5.2 million shortfall, everyone had to give a little. That includes taxpayers and employees. The final numbers have not been cast in stone, but last week, after the Police PBA Local 42 […]

Field of Dreams

LINDEN — Students walk across the field after receiving their honors and diplomas at the 103rd annual commencement of Linden High School in Tiger Stadium at the Edward R. Cooper Athletic Field on Friday, June 21.

Linden comes to terms with cops, will not have layoffs

LINDEN — It’s over. Monday night, city police voted 57 to 26 in favor of an agreement that will prevent 20 to 30 officers from being laid off Aug. 1. The agreement between the two will go a long way to reducing the $1.2 million the city is over the cap, but not all. Furloughs […]

Linden budget woes continue

Shortfall brings city closer and closer to layoffs of many police officers

LINDEN — The city and Police PBA have yet to come to a meeting of the minds in order to avoid layoffs. Bottom line: If the council and police union cannot strike some kind of deal in the next few weeks, 31 police officers, or less, depending on the number of officers retiring this year, […]

Hudak asks why Linden councilman was saved from vote

With more than $128K in back taxes owed, councilman’s delinquent property removed from tax auction at last minute

LINDEN — The Regular Democratic Organization thinks the council pulled a fast one last week when at the 11th hour they saved a council member’s business property from being sold at a tax sale. On May 21 when the city held a tax sale for 40 properties with outstanding taxes, one name was removed from […]

Linden continues to struggle with 2 percent cap

LINDEN — Despite efforts to slash the budget by $5.2 million, the city is still a long way from where they need to be. How that is resolved could depend heavily on who goes back to the negotiation table and who is asked to sit this one out. As of late last week, the FMBA […]

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