WHAT IS GOVERNOR CHRISTIE TRYING TO HIDE? For over 100 years, governments and businesses in the U.S. have been required to inform the public about vital matters like government contract bids, variance applications, sub-division variance applications, foreclosures, sales of government property, government contract bids, and municipal tax sales. But this week, Gov. Chris Christie and […]

Hillside’s rodent issue now on state’s radar

HILLSIDE, NJ — Those nasty rodents keep popping up in Hillside — but now the state may be on the case. Someone in Hillside is telling tales out of school, it seems. The state’s Department of Health’s Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program sent a letter last week to Hillside, stating that a complaint was […]

Hillside council urges mayor to take action

HILLSIDE, NJ — After months of drastically reduced manpower, shoddy equipment and low morale at both the Hillside police and fire departments, the Hillside town council has decided to take matters into its own hands. At the Nov. 22 meeting of the town council, council members unanimously passed resolutions directing Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson to hire […]

A Dwayne of all trades: Warren is back in Hillside

HILLSIDE, NJ — He’s back. Dwayne Warren, former Hillside business administrator who was hired by Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson and voted out in October after 90 days by the Hillside Town Council, is back — and he’s got a brand new title. Warren, who was hired back in August as Hillside’s sixth B.A., was voted out […]

A tale of five tickets: Garretson’s attorney gets phone records

HILLSIDE, NJ — A judge ruled last week that the Hillside police officer who issued five traffic summonses to Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson must turn over emails and cell phone information subpoenaed by the mayor. Garretson was issued five traffic tickets in July by Hillside police Officer Matt Casterline, former police union president. Garretson is charged […]

Hillside ladies celebrate 80 years of friendship

Hillside ladies celebrate 80 years of friendship

HILLSIDE, NJ — It is a story of enduring friendship. The Cheerful Sub-Juniors club, now known as the “Pauline Levin Memorial Club,” gathered last week to celebrate 80 years of friendship and memories. The members, together since they were just 7 years old, celebrated at a special luncheon at a restaurant in South Orange, where they […]

Mismanagement plagues Hillside’s first responders

HILLSIDE, NJ — There’s more trouble brewing in Hillside, as both the police department and fire department say that residents are at risk due to depleted manpower, missing, outdated or shoddy equipment, and questions about where funds allegedly allotted for this much-needed equipment has disappeared to. According to sources inside both departments, measures need to be […]

Vendors and bills go unpaid in Hillside

HILLSIDE, NJ — Hillside seems to be teetering on a slippery slope, as the township is racking up a laundry list that includes unpaid bills, disgruntled vendors, financial problems and badly-needed municipal services and repairs. The myriad issues plaguing the town include overdue bills in need of payment and roads in need of repairs. In addition, […]

Hillside residents, officials discuss rat problem

HILLSIDE, NJ — Hillside residents are speaking out about what many call a rat and mouse infestation in Hillside. According to some residents, rats and mice seem to be proliferating at an alarming rate in several township neighborhoods, and sightings of the creepy critters are, to the dismay of many, becoming part of their daily lives. […]

HPD participates in fundraisers

HILLSIDE, NJ — The Hillside Police Department is a whirlwind of activity these days as they prepare for a busy season filled with charitable initiatives and community outreach events. Hillside acting Chief of Police Louis Panarese is conducting a fundraiser within the agency to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October. Panarese has purchased […]

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