Union superintendent touts teacher rehires

UNION, NJ — Superintendent of Schools Gregory Tatum drew applause at the Aug. 21 school board meeting when he announced that “a huge number” of nontenured teachers who had received reduction-in-force notices in the spring have been hired back. In an Aug. 24 phone interview Tatum said the number of teachers who have not been […]

Accused Mountainside cop to ‘vigorously’ contest claims

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ — The attorney for a borough police officer who was suspended without pay Friday, July 13, said he and his client will be “vigorously contesting” claims made during a disciplinary hearing with the borough’s labor attorney. No hearing date has been set for Lt. Thomas Murphy, who was identified along with police Chief […]

Sunny Acres residents anticipate shadow of Hartz project

Sunny Acres residents anticipate shadow of Hartz project

CRANFORD, NJ — The room filled with applause the moment the ordinance to designate Sunny Acres as a historic district was unanimously approved by the Township Committee on Tuesday, Aug. 14. Moments later, 50 or so Sunny Acres residents and the committee members posed for photos in front of a banner reading: “Sunny Acres: First […]

Hartz disputes school population numbers

CRANFORD, NJ — The representative for a developer seeking to build a 905-unit apartment complex at 750 Walnut Ave. disputes previously published reports that the project would increase the township’s student population by 39 percent. James Rhatican, vice president of land use and development for Hartz Mountain Industries, said in a phone interview Monday, Aug. […]

Roselle BOE president claims ‘racially assaulted’

ROSELLE, NJ — The white school board president who was told by a black board member during an Aug. 16 board meeting that her “white privilege does not extend to this end of the table” claims it was just the latest episode of being “racially assaulted” by fellow board members. Patricia Fabrizio, the only white […]

Kenilworth superintendent to get $100,000 to quit

KENILWORTH, NJ — The school board will pay former Superintendent Thomas Tramaglini more than $100,000, according to a separation agreement between the school district and the former official charged with defecating near the track and football field at Holmdel High School in May. Tramaglini, whose arrest by Holmdel police drew international attention and set off […]

Linden mayor balks at schools’ elections proposal

LINDEN, NJ — Mayor Derek Armstead blasted school Superintendent Danny Robertozzi’s proposal to not use the schools for June primary elections, saying the move would inconvenience residents and calling the plan an attempt at voter suppression. “The superintendent and the majority on the school board aren’t really concerned about who comes to vote; they just […]

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