UHS junior Kai Legband is a varsity swimmer  

Kai Legband is a junior at Union High School and has been a member of the men’s varsity swim team since his freshman year. In dual meets this season, Kai has been a part of 11 first-place relays, with a handful of relays won on come-from-behind anchor leg swims by Kai. Individually, Kai has finished first in an astonishing 21 out of 22 swims. Kai has done well for himself this season so far and he continues to look forward to be an even better student-athlete in and out of the pool in the future.
— Coach Marvin Navata

When did you first get interested in swimming, and what was it about swimming that you liked?
I became interested in swimming when I was 8 years old because
I loved to race.

What are some of the challenges that a swimmer faces that some people might not know about?
Having long practices, sometimes twice a day, having meets that last
all day and having practices that begin at 5 a.m. As a result of all of this training, I become extremely tired.

Do you enjoy other water sports and do you ever have a chance to enjoy your swimming in the ocean at the Jersey Shore?
I enjoy water polo. I have been to the Jersey Shore, and the beaches of Barbados and Bermuda where I have swam for fun and entertainment.

Has swimming had a positive effect on your life and, if so, how?
Yes, swimming has had a positive effect on my life as it has improved my physical strength and boosted my self-confidence.

If you could choose your own athlete of the month in the world of sports, what famous or not-so-famous athlete would you choose, and why?
I would select not-so-famous Caleb Dressel, a 20-year-old swimmer, because we swim the same events. He’s a sprinter and he motivates me.

Who would you say had the biggest influence on your life, and how has this person affected your life?
My parents have been my motivation from the start as my mother enrolled me in swim classes at the age of 3 and my father pushes me to the limits at all of my swim meets both at home and far away.

What three things would you put on your life’s bucket list that you want to do or accomplish?
My goal list/bucket list: Receive a full ride to a Division 1 school,
participate in the Olympics, win a gold medal.

Can you share something about yourself that would
surprise people?
People would be surprised that I eat three school lunches daily!

How would you describe yourself in three words, and what phrase would you use to describe your personal style or personal philosophy?
Three words that describe me are confident, intelligent and
independent. ‘Go for what you know and be the best.’