Union female athlete of the month – February 2016

Senior basketball guard Jasmine Bonaparte

LEADER-Athlete girlUNION, NJ — Jasmine Bonaparte is a four-year veteran of the girls’ basketball team at Union High School. She’s averaging 13.1 points for the Farmers through 10 games this year, and put up a season-high 20 points in Union’s 55-48 win over Cranford High School on Thursday, Jan. 14. Bonaparte leads Union in field goals, free throws and points, and is second in rebounds.

On Union’s 6-4 start
“Our offense has been getting better throughout the season. We just have to work on our defensive transitions. We have to play as a team, and have everybody playing and getting boards and getting involved, as a whole.
On offense, we’re trying to either see the post or cut to the basket, like drive and kick and get it to the open man.”

On the team’s potential this year
“I think we can be a county championship team, if we work to the best of our ability and everybody gets involved.”}

On what it’s like to be a senior
“Responsibility, for me, has been different. As a freshman, they didn’t look to me to score a lot, but this season they look toward me more to lead the team. Since last year I didn’t get to play because of my injury, there’s more pressure on me to try and work to the best of my ability to get college scholarships, and stuff like that.”

On her style of play
“I can shoot when I want to, but my speed, this season I’ve used my speed to my advantage, just driving to the basket.
From the WNBA, Maya Moore is my top player that I look for. But even on an everyday basis, I watch videos from high school players now, on Youtube, and learn from them.”

This season’s standout moments
“I would say that our game against Cranford and our game, on Friday, against Linden were our two best games this season, playing as a team.”
The Farmers defeated Linden High School 52-17 on Friday, January 15. In their 55-48 win over Cranford, the day before, “I just kept driving to the basket, doing the best I can, and making my free throws.”

If you won the lottery
“I would probably spend as much toward my family, my mother, who has provided for me so far, and I would use it more toward her and what she wants. And I’d use it for myself, and other people who are close to me.”