Senior lacrosse midfielder Sarah Ross

CRAN-athelete of monthSenior Sarah Ross is a midfielder with the Cranford High School girl’s lacrosse team, where she plays with her twin sister, Hannah. In her four years with the Cougars, Ross has put up 296 points, as of press time, including 157 goals, and has scored in every game of the 2016 season so far. This fall, Ross will begin her collegiate lacrosse career with Dartmouth University.

On the team’s start to the season
(3-3, 1-0 in league play):
“I think we definitely started strong, and we’re still doing well. I think, conference-wise, our main goal is to win it, and I think we have a really good shot at it this year. We have the potential to. We’re 3-3 now, we want to be over .500, and I think we definitely
have the potential to do that.”

What’s different about this year’s team?
“This year, we’re definitely playing more as a team,
and utilizing a lot of different people on the field. We have a new coach this year, who’s really great, and really helpful in all aspects of the game. She’s definitely a big help, and very supportive. Not that we didn’t have that in past years, but you definitely see a change.”

You’ve put up some big numbers in your time at Cranford High School. Have you hit any
milestones which are especially meaningful?
“I’m definitely hoping to get the ‘300 points’ (milestone) in the next game or two. And I’m aiming, personally, for 200 goals by the end of the season, I’m hoping I can get that with the help of the whole team.”

What it’s like playing with your twin sister, Hannah, who’s committed to the University of Denver?
“I love it. I’m really going to miss playing with her next year. We’ve both noticed, from playing each year together, the connection on the field definitely grows stronger. I don’t have to think about where she is, where she’s cutting, we both agree we just know
where the other moves. It’s super helpful.”

You committed to Dartmouth in your sophomore year of high school. What drew you to
Dartmouth, in particular?
“I’m really excited to head there this fall. I’ve visited
a few times, and I love it. It’s beautiful there.
School-wise, I love the academics, but just the feel of the school itself and the kind of people who are there — I see myself as being with those types of people.
“I really love the lacrosse program there, too, and the coach, and they’re getting stronger. They just beat Yale yesterday, which is a good win. I’m just really excited, overall. I think it’s going to be a great experience.”

What first drew you to lacrosse?
“My dad played lacrosse at Union College, and I have an older brother who plays, too. He played at Washington and Lee, in Virginia. So I basically grew up playing on the beach, in the summers, and outside, we always had lacrosse sticks in our hands. My sisters and I, until around sixth or seventh grade, we were playing softball, and then did lacrosse and just fell in love with it.”

What are you watching on Netflix right now?
“I’m currently re-watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I’m a big fan of that, and I also love ‘Archer’.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one object with you, what would it be?
“Either a lacrosse stick or a Rubik’s cube. I don’t know how to solve one, and I could definitely do that for a while.”