Arthur L. Johnson High honors its spring 2021 athletes

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CLARK — On Thursday, June 3, the Arthur L. Johnson Athletic Department had its 2021 Spring Athletic Awards. The event, sponsored by the Crusader Athletic Booster Club, was in the Arthur L. Johnson High School auditorium.

All the spring athletic teams and their seasons were highlighted by the coaches, who also handed out letters and awards to the student athletes. More than 113 varsity athletic letters were handed out throughout the evening, as participation in athletics at Arthur L. Johnson High School continues to grow.

The program continued with the Student Athlete Award, which was presented by the athletic director of Arthur L. Johnson High School, Gus Kalikas, to Daniel McCaffery, who has a grade-point average of 4.52. The Student Athlete Award is given out each athletic season to a student-athlete who is a champion both on the field and in the classroom.

The Crusader G.P.A. Challenge is awarded each season to the team that finishes with the highest overall G.P.A. They are presented with certificates, their team is memorialized on a plaque, and they are invited for “Breakfast with the A.D.” to celebrate their actions both in the classrooms and on the fields. The 2021 Spring Seasonal G.P.A. Challenge winner, with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.905, was the golf team, whose members include Matthew Bill, Andrew Matos, Anthony Migliaro, Shaun Applin, Biagio Bonanno, Philip Brennan, Joseph Carney, Ryan Crowley, Anthony Cundari, Leo DeSantis, Ryan Fizer and Robert Szarszewski.

The evening continued with the announcement of the Best Teammate Award winners. The BTAs were: baseball, William Sasse; golf, Biagio Bonanno; lacrosse, Nicholas Pingor; softball, Peyton Collings; tennis, Owen Broadwell; boys spring track and field, Matthew Zukowski; and girls spring track and field, Zoey Brown.

The evening culminated with the announcement of the Team Most Valuable Players. The MVPs were: baseball, Kyle Adorno; golf, Anthony Migliaro; lacrosse, Anthony Ferreira; softball, Samantha Gonzalez; tennis, Raymond Torres; boys spring track and field, Greg Lordi; and girls spring track and field, Carly Tarentino.

Kalikas said, “The Spring Athletic Awards was a wonderful event that allowed the administration, teachers, coaches, parents and student-athletes a chance to reflect on a wonderful spring athletics season, while honoring our student-athletes for their remarkable accomplishments. Our teams, coaches and student-athletes continue to raise the bar, both in the classrooms and on the athletic fields, and the Clark School District could not be more proud of their performance this past spring athletics season.”

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