UCT girls’ basketball projected seeding here

My projected Union County Tournament girls’ basketball seeding

(records through Sunday, Feb. 5):

1-Patrick School (19-2)

2-New Providence (16-3)

3-Westfield (13-4)

4-Roselle Catholic (14-5)

5-Cranford (7-10)

6-Union (8-12)

7-Johnson (8-10)

8-Rahway (11-9)

9-GL (9-9)

10-Oak Knoll (16-2)

11-Union Catholic (13-4)

12-Dayton (13-5)

13-Linden (11-7)

14-Summit (6-14)

15-Kent Place (12-2)

16-Brearley (10-4)

17-Hillside (7-11)

18-Elizabeth (7-13)

19-Benedictine (9-8)

20-Roselle Park (7-9)

21-Plainfield (2-14)

22-Scotch Plains (3-15)

23-Roselle (3-14)

24-St. Mary’s, Elizabeth (2-15)

Top 4 should be definite.

It gets a bit tricky after that.

Watchung and Mountain division teams play tougher competition.

Cranford and Union split.

Cranford beat Rahway, Johnson and GL.

Union beat Johnson and GL and did not play Rahway.

Johnson swept Rahway.

Rahway swept GL.

Johnson and GL split.

Union did lose at Plainfield, which is one of only two Cardinal victories.

I would still seed Union ahead of any Mountain or Valley or Sky division team, despite the loss.

Union also has – arguably – the best rebounder in Union County in senior Nneka Moneme.