UHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is seeking nominations for its 2nd class

Members of the community, the press, alumni of Union High School, or teachers can nominate individuals, coaches or teams as long as established criteria is met.
Candidates for election shall be those individuals who competed, coached, supported or contributed in a positive manner to the Athletic Program at Union High School.
With the exception of the first two classes, candidates must have graduated 10 or more years prior to being considered. Coaches must be retired from coaching. Teams can only be considered after 10 years from the relevant year.
In addition, any individual who lends exemplary support and passion to promoting the Union High School Athletic Program through service and donation of time, leadership, talent, funding and energy may be nominated for election.
Nominations must be received by April 30 to Linda Ionta, Athletic Director, at Union High School, 2350 North Third Street, Union, New Jersey, 07083, or nominations can be e-mailed to her at:
All nomination forms can be obtained in person or by visiting the athletic office at Union High School, by visiting the Union High School website or by visiting the Township of Union schools website at:
There, nominations can be made for team, coach, special contributor and student-athlete.
The first class, inducted in November of 2013, included:

1974 Baseball, 1984 Football, 1989 Softball

Walter Shallcross, Gordon LeMatty, Lou Rettino

Eulace Peacock, Class of 1933
Clinton Moorman, Class of 1937
Bob Mischak, Class of 1950
Richard Oehrlein, Class of 1960
Walter Oehrlein, Class of 1961
Frank Costello, Class of 1963
Elliott Maddox, Class of 1966
Alan Santorini, Class of 1966
Lawrence Kubin, Class of 1977
Tracy Young, Class of 1983
Julie Brzezinski, Class of 1985
Tony Stewart, Class of 1986
Michael Ferroni, Class of 1988
Kelly Kulick, Class of 1995
Laura Bonomo, Class of 1997