Roselle football preview – Rams have this motto: each day has to be better than the last

ROSELLE – Now in his second season at the helm after coming over from East Orange Campus, head coach James Williams has a better feel for how he will get the Rams up to speed.

“Now that I know the (Mid-State 38) conference, my judgement this year will be a little bit easier,” Williams said. “This conference is more of a running conference.

“Also, our kids know the offense a little better.”

After an 0-3 starter last year, Roselle rebounded to win four of its final seven games to finish 4-6.

“We weren’t picked to win many games last year,” Williams said. “We’re going to continue to try to get better.

“Each practice you have to get better, that’s the motto. Each day has to be better than the last day.”

Taking over the reigns at quarterback is sophomore Gerald Hairston, III.

“He’s real poised in the pocket and real smart,” Williams said. “He knows what everyone is doing on the field; he’s a coach on the field.

“He can run and he can drop back. He has a real good arm. He can really throw the ball and doesn’t get rattled in the pocket.”

One of Roselle’s seven starters back on offense is senior Darryn Canady, a tough runner to bring down.

“Darryn is a running back who is a power runner with speed,” Williams said. “He can run inside and outside and he also has great hands to catch the ball out of the backfield.”

Four of the five starting linemen – Darnell Daley-Oliver, Michael Croom, Andre Viyodachli and Ed Accinot – started a year ago.

“Having those kids back is a big help,” Williams said. “At the end of the day the kids have to come together. They started to at the end of May.”

Leading Roselle’s defense is senior right end Jaquan McLeod, who produced 12 sacks in 2013.

“He grew some (McLeod is listed at 6-3, 225) and worked hard during summer camp,” Williams said. “He’s not only a pass rusher, but can also stop the run.”

Williams also said that McLeod, Canady, Daley-Oliver and senior Jordy Moise – who is another returning two-way starter – are getting looks from several colleges.

Roselle gave up 209 points last year in 10 games which isn’t horrible. However, the Rams are working hard on reducing that number.

“The main thing is getting smarter and recognizing sets,” Williams said. “Players need to be in the right position to make the tackle.

“We’ve also worked on better tackling. We have to get a little bigger up front.”

One player Williams mentioned as part of solving that dilemma is sophomore right tackle Tyreke Benjamin, listed at 6-0, 280.

“Benjamin’s a two-gap player, he’ll be tough to move,” Williams said.

Roselle opens with consecutive non-division road games against neighborhood rival Rahway and arch rival Hillside.

“We have a tough schedule, there are no easy games on it,” Williams said. “My kids have to play four quarters.

“The toughest challenge is to keep the kids focused for four quarters.”



LT Darnell Daley-Oliver, senior, (6-3, 265)

RG Michael Croom, senior, (6-1, 245)

C Andre Viyodachli, senior, (6-0, 225)

LG Ed Accinot, junior, (6-0, 230)

LT Shaquil Jones, sophomore, (6-1, 220)

TE Malik Singleton, junior, (6-0, 180)

WR Rashan Pendleton, junior, (6-1, 170)

WR Valensky Valeus, junior, (5-5, 140)

WR Raymond Clark, senior, (6-2, 165)

WR Shaquan Nelson, junior, (5-9, 155)

WR Jacquez Payne, junior, (6-0, 155)

WR Drew Stephens, sophomore, (6-0, 140)

QB Gerald Hairston III, sophomore, (6-1, 205)

RB Darryn Canady, senior, (6-1, 215)

RB Jordy Moise, senior, (6-0, 190)

PK Andre Viyodachli, senior, (6-0, 225)

Returning starters (7): Daley-Oliver, Croom,

Viyodachli, Accinot, Valeus, Canady, Moise.



LE Ed Accinot, junior, (6-0, 230)

LT Darnell Daley-Oliver, senior, (6-3, 265)

RT Tyreke Benjamin, sophomore, (6-0, 280)

RE Jaquan McLeod, senior, (6-3, 225)

LB Darryn Canady, senior, (6-1, 215)

LB Keyon Fitzpatrick, sophomore, (5-9, 195)

CB Rashan Pendleton, junior, (6-1, 170)

CB Jordy Moise, senior, (6-0, 190)

S Shaquan Nelson, junior, (5-9, 155)

S Jacquez Payne, junior (6-0, 155)

OB Valensky Valeus, junior, (5-5, 140)

P Andre Viyodachli, senior, (6-0, 225)

Returning starters (6): Daley-Oliver, McLeod,

Canady, Moise, Valeus, Viyodachli.



Head Coach: James Williams, since 2013.

A 1989 Clifford Scott graduate.

Second season: 4-6 (.400)

Conference: Mid-State 38

Division: Raritan

Section: Central Jersey, Group 2

Roselle’s last sectional title: 1989

2013: (4-6 and 2-4, sixth in Raritan Division)

Arminio Field: Grass.

Williams, in his first season as a head coach after being

an assistant coach at East Orange Campus, guided

Roselle to a two-game improvement last year. The Rams

won their sectional consolation game at home over

Robbinsville by the decisive score of 34-13.



Sept. 13 at Rahway, 1 p.m.

Sept. 20 at Hillside, 1 p.m.

Sept. 27 Cranford, 1 p.m.

Oct. 3 at Delaware Valley, 7 p.m.

Oct. 11 Summit, 1 p.m.

Oct. 18 Johnson, 1 p.m.

Oct. 24 at Brearley, 7 p.m.

Nov. 8 Bernards, 2 p.m.

Nov. 27 at Roselle Park, 10:30 a.m.

Head coach: James Williams,

second season


2013 RAMS (4-6)

(H) Delaware Valley 34, Roselle 13

(A) North Plainfield 19, Roselle 0

(A) Cranford 13, Roselle 12

(H) Roselle 20, Johnson 13

(A) Summit 33, Roselle 8

(H) Roselle 25, Hillside 7

(A) Roselle 27, Somerville 19

(H) Rahway 34, Roselle 7

(H) Roselle 34, Robbinsville 13

(H) Roselle Park 24, Roselle 12

Head coach: James Williams,

first season

Section: Central Jersey, Group 2

Conference: Mid-State 38

Division: Raritan 2-4, sixth

Record: 4-6

Home: 3-3

Away: 1-3

Points for: 158

Points against: 209

Shutouts: 0

Overtime: 0-0